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    After several months of using WordPress.COM I have come to the realization that wordpress.COM in contrast to wordpress.ORG is a very closed system. Most of the things that I try to do to personalize my site are not allowed by the wordpress software, I understand the idea that some type of code is not allowed because of security risks (although I would argue by that logic you could just shut down the whole internet because there are security exploits everywhere, deal with it) I also understand the idea that a free solution is not going to be as good as a paid solution, but geez even some free solutions allow more usability than wordpress (although I will be the first to admit overall wordpress is the best free service). Now just so that I can have this be a support question and not ramblings that none cares about, my question is this, am I overreacting and is there a way to further customize to fit my needs, or must I become more computer savvy to upgrade to wordpress.ORG? Any help from anyone other than timethief will be much appreciated. :)

    The blog I need help with is



    OK! What are you looking to do with your blog @thetpsreport?



    Well to be specific, last night I tried to add a twitter search widget, I would create it at the twitter site here and it gave me a special html code but that didn’t work. After I went into the support forums I received some help from a very polite 1tess and a very rude Timethief telling me in two different ways that wordpress didn’t allow that type of html code for “security reasons”. It is my belief that if you are going to not allow some code because of its ability to be used in a security exploit then you might as well just shut down the whole internet, this really screws it up for the rest of us because functionality is down. I know that wordpress.ORG will always be better but is there some kind of workaround to make wordpress.COM a little better? Thank you for your support.



    “…very rude Timethief” I’m a bit in awe. (still love ya Timethief)

    Well we can rant all we want, there are rules for a specific reason and as a user, you use their software therefore abide by their rules. If you wanna know which codes are allowed indeed:

    If you want the freedom, theres only, but the freebie side has to follow these rules.

    1tess is very polite indeed and can COOK (like you wouldnt believe!)



    @thetpsreport Are you aware that already has a Twitter Widget ?


    “a very polite 1tess and a very rude Timethief”

    These are the purportedly rude posts by timethief:

    The only rudeness is in the OP’s imagination. Tess gave him a link and tt gave him another; both links explain why jacascript is not allowed, which means why WPcom is more secure than Blogspot; but the OP seems less interested in understanding that than in attacking tt (probably because of an unsuccessful joke by tt in another thread). Hope he grows up soon.



    If your expectation is that javascript code should be allowed on the blogging platform you use, you need to make a choice other than In your terminology, is indeed “closed” and “open,” and you will probably be happier there than here. Before you make the choice of a platform, it’s important to ascertain in advance that it meets your needs.


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    People are emotional creatures, and there are many stimuli which will cause them to act illogically.

    I did see that the OP made the remark about 1T being polite and 2t (tt) rude, and it distressed me. I don’t mind personal comments or conversations now and then in these forums, but disparaging remarks are not welcome. Timethief and I are friends, and each of us gave similar sensible answers.

    Tthe OP is apparently frustrated by past history and needed to vent. We can all hope that the OP will now think cooly practically about what he wants / needs in a blogging platform and will be able to evaluate which system will work best for him.

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