Is WordPress right for my business?

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    Hi All.

    I’m a copywriter and thinking of ditching the conventional website approach and using WordPress to market my business. I’m not looking for traffic so much as a well-presented calling card with information about me and samples of my work. These would be PDF thumbnails in a portfolio section of the site that could be dowloaded.

    Two questions:

    Is WordPress suitable for building a site that looks reasonably professional? My clients include smaller businesses and major companies.

    Can I present downloadable PDFs as described above?

    I have maintained a couple of Worpress sites, so know the basics.

    Any comments are gratefully received.




    As a portfolio site, is certainly a good choice. You may want to browse the Theme Showcase to see if there is one suitable for your purpose. Many themes can be easily modified.

    The PDF embed/download is possible, either with Scribd to embed or use a PDF icon to link to the uploaded file.



    Great, thanks, I’ll chase that up.



    Hi Gorah. I too am looking to create an online portfolio of my graphic design work on WordPress. I’ll also have links to PDF files. Did you find some templates that work well for this application?


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