Is WordPress Support Closed?

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    Hello, I sent a support issue on the 17th of January and received this automated email stating
    “Your message is flying through cyberspace to us as you read this. We will get back to you as soon as we can.”

    However, as of yet I have not received an actual reply. I resent the same support question on Saturday but alas, again, no reply.

    Are the wordpress support staff on another field trip or sabbatical?

    My CSS upgrade is expiring soon and I need an answer.

    Thank you.



    Hello there,
    Staff provide support for over 25 million. They deal with support tickets by addressing those with the earliest date first. If you contact them repeatedly then the date simlog moves forward in time and it takes longer to get an answer.

    Why don’t you simply ask you question here? designsimply is Staff and she’s providing support for CSS editing.


    The turnaround time can vary depending on how many people are ahead of you in that list. Sorry it feels slow sometimes! We’re actually answering questions everyday almost constantly. And we’re always working very hard to catch up with all of you’re questions. :)

    @xtap59, do you need CSS help? What’s up?



    Designsimply, no, I do not help with configuring my CSS upgrade, but renewing my CSS upgrade. Below is the support question I sent in on January 17th.

    Hello, this morning I received a message to renew my custom CSS upgrade. My $15 dollar coupon was automatically attached when I did renew using my udated credit card information. When finished, the updated page said that I had renewed the upgrade for one year.

    However, when I signed in to WordPress this evening I received this message below.

    “Your subscription to Custom Design has expired or is about to expire.

    Grassy Knoll Institute ‘Custom Design’ expires on February 17, 2012 Renew now
    Hide for 7 days”

    I do not understand why I am now receiving this message after I just updated. I made sure I selected the blog address as the blog to continue the CSS upgrade.

    Could you please look into this problem



    FWIW this is the correct link for such issues >


    Looking into it. Just a sec.



    Thank you,
    Yes I know. I submitted that form January 17th. Never received a reply.


    I reviewed your xtap59 account, and I found that you have not actually been charged for the renewal, so that’s why the message is still displaying. It looks to me like what may have happened is that you updated your credit card info but didn’t actually complete the renewal.

    Could you try it one more time? Please go to the Store page in your blog dashboard and click the “Renew Now” button near the bottom of the page. Then select the middle payment option that says “Credit Card”, re-enter the payment, and make sure you follow the prompts all the way through.

    If it still doesn’t work, please let me know. Knowing that you did the steps again and if you saw any error messages or warnings would be helpful if you run into any troubles. I will also find your email and reply there as well.



    Thank you for replying quickly, however,
    I updated the credit card info a month earlier so that is not it.
    I did attempt to buy the CSS upgrade again and now it says there is a $30.00 upgrade in my cart so it looks like I’m buying it twice. After selecting the right upgrade, It says the same thing,
    “You renewed for another year” in a light yellow bar right below STORE. I received that same message twice now.


    Thanks for double checking it. It sounds like a problem with the store (maybe the coupon?). I will report the issue to our store developers.



    Thank you.


    Hang on! I spoke too soon. I reviewed your account again and it appears the purchase did go through this time. I see a $15 charge, which is good because it was showing $0 for your previous attempt when I looked it up before. I also see that the Custom Design upgrade has a new expiration date of 2013-02-16. So it looks like you’re all set!



    Yes, I just received an email from Sheri from WordPress. She said she was working on it. Apparently she has fixed it.

    Thank you everyone for helping and fixing the problem.



    Hi. I requested help yesteday but I havenĀ“t heard from the Support Team yet. I have an issue with the Fresh News theme.


    Hang in there. :) We answer the questions as fast as we can!



    According to what I see here I believe you are referring to the Premium Themes Support



    @timechief Yes. Got help already. Thanks.

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