IS wordPress Website is Better than Traditional Website for basic business page

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    hi there,
    I will create 3 different websites for 3 different business.
    All of them should have a blog and they will be basic information webpages for business.
    They will have e-book offering for download and info-videos
    My question is: is it cheaper if I get a domainname + webhosting from for example for 80-90$ per year or get a WordPress Value Bundle ?
    Thanks for feedback

    The blog I need help with is



    The WordPress Value Bundle is $99, so obviously that’s more expensive. That said, you’ll spend far less time maintaining and updating software, you won’t have security worries, and it has better SEO.

    If, however, you want ecommerce or embedded Aweber etc forms, you wont’ be able to use those here at all.


    Isn’t the Value Bundle “per site” making it $99 x 3 ?

    With hosting, you can have multiple domains directed to the same hosting account, so you can have all 3 for the annual fee $80, $90, $100 or whatever.


    Good question! If you have a blog setup at, keep it, that’s fine. I have a blog at blogger and one at as well. BUT!! My main website where both of those external blogs point to….is Have your main company or “the most important” website for you hosted at a real hosting company like ours or hostgator or rackspace or wherever. Why? Because YOU will have full control over your main website that way. Keep in mind that Google owns Blogger. They can shut you down whenever they want, whether their reason is justified or not.



    And keep in mind that if your blog exists only to point people to your website, staff will delete it.

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