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Is copyrighted?

  1. I was wondering if my blog was copywrighted. This means like that no one can just copy the source code of my website and make a real website.

  2. (1) Anything you write or create yourself totally from scratch is you own intellectual property and is subject to copyright, whether you label it or not.

    (2) But your blog is mostly made up of images you have taken from elsewhere. Those images are not your intellectual property - they are the intellectual property of whoever created them or whoever holds the copyright (Club Penguin I presume). And if you do not have the permission of their creators or copyright to use them then you are in breach of copyright law.

    (3) To get a blog here we all had to agree to a Terms of Service contract that is very clear about copyright. If you do not have permission and the creators of any image or writing on your blog discovers their stuff has been ripped off by you then they can complain and you will have to remove the stuff and/or you could even have your blog deleted

  3. So some one can just copy the whole html of the website and make a new website? If so.... Im scared...

  4. @pinkmafias
    Exactly what are you scared about?

  5. If your blog is made up of mostly other peoples work....then you answered your own question. you have done to others. You can't steal from others, then complain if someone steals form you.

  6. Im scared cause someone said they would copy my entire website...

  7. thistimethisspace

    Please get a grip on yourself. Most of what you have on your blog you ripped off. And here you are crying the blues that someone might rip-off from you what you ripped off from someone else. Really - get a grip on yourself and screw your head on straight. Of course they can copy your site - so what. You ripped off most the stuff in it in the first place.

  8. @pinkmafias
    Please go to your parents and have them explain copyright to you. You cannot claim a copyright on something that wasn't your property to begin with.

  9. pinkmafias, try making your images a bit smaller. Usually anything over 400 - 500 pixels wide will drop your sidebar to the bottom of the page. Or maybe use thumbnails so people with dial-up will have an easier time getting through your site.

  10. Beside which - all versions of WordPress are dynamically generated by php from a mysql database. Without the templates no one can copy a site effectively. They could borrow your CSS for *inspiration* but everybody does that anyway. Don't worry. And do get a grip. :)

  11. lol@root

    I believe the question boils down to a technical one: is it possible for somebody to copy your content and publish it as their own? Sure. We never had any power to prevent that.

  12. Who are these Penguins again? Been seeing lots of them lately.

  13. They're a group of young Republicans cannibals tasked with promoting their alternative life style choices like running around butt naked in the show.

  14. The only penguin branding I've seen is Tux (the Linux penguin)....well....apart from Penguin chocolate biscuits. There does seem to be a lot of these Club Penguin blogs, which I assumed was a kinda cutsie "Second Life" type of community.

  15. Well, you've also got Tex and Bunny as well as Todd and Penguin. There's also a Daria fanfiction author who has a Penguin fetish that, um, is rather strange.

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