Is domain mapping compatible to *.de-Domains?

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    We bought the domain on namecheap and intend to use the mapping upgrade for our blog

    Unfortunately, changing the nameservers at namecheap won’t work. I constantly get the error message “We encountered some issues when setting nameservers. The reported problem is: Updating nameservers failed. Please try again. 541”. Mapping the domain in the WordPress-backend won’t work, as a result of that.

    Namecheap support keeps telling us, it’s not their fault and they can do nothing about it. They told us “I have checked the nameservers through DENIC tool, and they can not be applied, as they do not match by some parameters. You can show this tool to your hosting provider:“. They further recommend using the IP adress instead of nameservers. As far as I know, this is not possible with

    -> Is it true that the wordpress nameservers are not compatible with *.de-domains due to any restrictions of the DENIC?
    -> Any ideas to get our blog running with the *.de-domain we bought? Does anyone have experience with namecheap or nameserver changes for *.de-domains?

    Thank you very much!
    Blog url:


    Some registrars require that we add a zone record for the domain on the hosting side before you can update to the matching name servers.

    I have added a zone record for to the servers for you and that should fix the problem.



    Thank you very much for the quick support!

    It worked, I am enabled to change the nameservers.

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