Is enough if I choose to do serious SEO?

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    Whatever I want like inserting AddThis under post area (possible at the side), or have the header area editatable for meta tags fails here. Similarly with Google Analytics… I have chosen this platform, but maybe I should move to Blogger?
    With i’m reluctant as it probably means money to spend on hiring and the trouble of admin role

    The blog I need help with is



    You can save me the hassle of typing a lengthy detailed response by simply reading this and then hiring a web host and setting up you own self hosted install. vs. The Differences



    We do not have access to any metadata on this multi-user blogging platform. Our blogs share a common architecture. We bloggers cannot access metadata and insert keywords. However, that matters little given that these days search engines are focused on keywords in your content and not in your tags.

    These 5 videos introduce how Google discovers, crawls, indexes your site’s pages, and how Google displays them in search results. It also touches lightly upon challenges webmasters and search engines face, such as duplicate content

    If you are using a theme good SEO is a given. However, going beyond the theme what the blogger has done within that structure is worth evaluating. Whether you write informative, persuasive or controversial content learning how search engines work, and how to apply basic SEO to you content will benefit your blog as it will increase traffic from targeted readers.

    See also >

    Can I use Google Analytics?
    No, Google Analytics cannot be used on blogs at this time.


    A blog with a custom domain is better.

    In fact, you don’t need those meta tags desperately. Just make sure the right keywords are in the blog post /page titles, headers (I mean those in <h1>< h2>.. tags), picture names and alt texts, and urls. And the keywords should be reapeated but not SPAMMED.

    Well-written posts/pages also help when your blog is reviewed by Google rating boys.

    WordPress is better than Blogger since their blog posts/pages URLs are neat. Google analytics doesn’t really help with SEO, you can only see things like page views, locations.



    Thanks for good links and reassurement that intelligent blogging means much more than all the know-how panic that leads laymen to inertia :)
    Obviously, gives more if I want more customisation and ‘meta things’ – yet, I choose not to pay for the hosting ( and the like have their serious limitations that are not worth the trouble, I guess)
    So, I’m left with As I understand you well, I should construct my posts, pages and title content in such a way as to use the right words. you probably also mean backlinks, anchor text, referring to basic SEO. And I should abandon all my hopes for ‘meta’ inclusion? Even <h1>< h2>.. tags, or picture names and alt texts, and urls….
    And I’ll forget about ppc, ppt, aged domains, SMO, but consider video blogging, article marketing, guest blogging, social networking and social bookmarking plus video blogging on YouTube.
    By the way, AddThis is visible only at the side of the blog – does it share separate posts in this situation, like available Share button? Still, AddThis Analytics is not installable on…


    It all depends how well you advertise your blogs and more importantly who or how many people can relate to what you write and if they find it of interest, that is the real basis of what makes a good blogger/writer.

    Words of advice.

    Write material which attracts.
    Be sincere.
    Keep looking for responses that gain the most interest and follow that path.

    Once you have established a niche, then is the time to ask or put out further writings to test what people really want to read or respond to.

    Anyone can write or advertise but it takes a certain kind of writing to pull in a real crowd.

    Aim high, aim big.

    This advice is free, take it.

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