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Is not free anymore?

  1. aletheamarinanova

    I have a free Blog. A friend of mine in Canada is trying to do the same. She says that when she tries, it tells her that she needs to pay $17

    When she signed up on, and logs in, she is taken to my ''dashboard.'' Then, under ''My Blog'' she has the option to ''Register a new blog.'' where she gets taken to

    It gave her the option of her chosen screen name and says it is available. It then says
    ''Use it for your blog for $17 a year'' Can anyone help?

    Thank you.

  2. is still 100% free, with the exception of premium upgrades of course.

    A [blog] address is still free, but she probably clicked the "Want your own domain?" link in the signup screen, which reveals a $17 domain registration option.

    To get back to the standard free option, click the "No thanks, I prefer to use for free" link.

  3. Staff have redesigned the sign-up page and it does seem to indicate that you need to buy the upgrade, but I doubt that's intentional misdirection. They're just trying to make it easier, as so many people want a custom URL nowadays.

  4. No she does not have to pay to get a free hosted free blog from wordpress.COM. I'm a Canadian. is advertising the feature of buying a custom domains and domain mapping.

    Your friend can sign up here
    She can totally ignore this second confusing part I will place in bold lettering

    Choose a address or get your own URL with a custom domain name. (?)

    That' being said without doubt if one intends to be a commited and serious blogger then purchasing a domain name and domain mapping form the get go is the best way to go.

  5. DRAT! I failed to click "refresh" - sorry. :(

  6. raincoaster, we haven't made any such changes, and I'm still seeing the free [blog] signup option initially on all of my browsers.

    Maybe your cache is stuck on the custom domain option?

  7. "We haven't made any such changes"

    Yes, you have. I teach beginning blogging classes and we sign up on at the beginning of each class. The signup page is different from the way it was laid out last year, substantially different. It never used to offer the custom domain option.

  8. "It never used to offer the custom domain option."

    True, it does offer the option via a small "Want your own domain?" link below the much larger [field] "Blog Address" box, but I wouldn't say that it "does seem to indicate that you need to buy the upgrade."

  9. Well, it did to at least one Canadian, above. Remember, people who are new to blogging are easily confused and may have vague "I need a domain name for the blog to be findable" notions without realizing they don't need a CUSTOM domain.

  10. It has confused others I know too including a couple of family members who phoned me for help.

  11. Ok, in that case I'll pass this along to our team and we'll brainstorm some new approaches to that.

  12. aletheamarinanova

    Wow, what an overwhelming response. Thank you everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  13. You're welcome!

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