Is WP having a problem with pingbacks to Technorati?

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    Is Word Press having a problem with the pingbacks to Technorati and other blog search engines? I’ve been told by WP support there had been problems with this in the past, but it seems they had been sort of worked out for a while.

    But lately I’ve had some links that have shown up on Technorati either incredibly slowly or not at all. About 24 hours ago One-Minute Book Reviews had a link from Gawker that has been generating a lot of traffic but hasn’t shown up on Technorati. This is at least the second time this week that a link hasn’t shown up. Other links have shown up on Technorati right away. Can anybody explain this inconsistency to me? Is this a) a Word Press problem; b) a Technorati problem or c) other? Thanks.



    Everytime we publish a post this automatically pings ping-o-matic which in turn pings Technorati. Technorati is frequently back logged not only by hours but also sometimes by days. I use pingoat in addition and you may want to also.


    Member might not be indexed by technorati.

    Giving up on Technorati is the biggest stress reducer when it comes to blogging. Technorati is a piece of sh*t that never works properly.



    My mistake, they do index Gawker. The problem would be between Gawker and Technorati and have nothing to do with you.



    Oh yes, Gawker media is all OVAH Technorati. Congrats on the link.

    Technorati is more useful as an indexing and ranking tool and less as a traffic generator, so I wouldn’t worry so much about the lag time. Ultimately, they will get the link and your rank will go up accordingly.


    Thanks so much for all these comments. They were all helpful, especially the comment about pingoat, which I did sign up for. The Gawker link still has not shown up on Technorati four days after it was posted (and four days after it began showing up on my stats page).

    Does anybody know a better place than Technorati to get an authoritative listing of the number of blogs that link to yours? The reason I check it regularly is that, for all its flaws, it seems to be pick up more than, for example, Ice Rocket.



    You’re welcome. I know of no other place to get an authoritative listing of the number of blogs linked to your blog.

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