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Is Your Blog Acting Wonky Tonight?


    I've noticed that a lot of things on my blog are "behaving" strangely tonight. Is there some type of maintenance going on that's maybe causing the problems? My numbered lists are repeating 1-0 instead of 1-158, and I noticed my widget sidebar doing strange things as well. Hoping the hiccups will be cured when I log in tomorrow.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I haven't noticed anything like that happening at all.

  3. Can you look at my list and tell me if it's 1-0 (repeating) or 1-158 like it should be?

  4. I Use Firefox 6.0.2 and see 158. Which browser and version of it are you using? Have you tried troubleshooting like clearing your browser cache and cookies? If your browser is out dated you can upgrade any browser here.

  5. @davidg777
    You misunderstand the nature of these forums which are only for technical support questions and answers. If you wish to promote your blog the only place to do that is in the Showcase Forum. If you wish to chat the only place to do that is in the Off-Topic Forum.

  6. IE, not sure which version. I cleared everything, and for whatever reason, that seems to have solved the issue. I never had any issues until tonight, so I have no idea why it started acting up. But thanks for your help!

  7. @sseverson389
    I'm glad to hear that worked for you. The first thing to do when anything goes weird is to clear your browser cache and cookies. best wishes with your blog. :)

  8. The whole world is Wonky!

  9. @ernestjohnson2759
    If you need specific help with an actual issue then please feel free to post. If you do not need help and/or cannot provide specific and correct advice to those who have such issues then do not post spontaneous messages into support threads please. Thanks, in advance, for listening as continuing to do what you just did can be perceived as spamming support forum threads with unhelpful remarks.

  10. @ ernestjohnson2759

    Beg your pardon? Your comment does not seem to have anything to do with this thread. If you found the information about browser issues, then that is fine, but if you are just making a comment for the sake of being seen on the forums, then be very careful: it looks spammy. Spammers will be expelled from these forums.

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