Is your site down too?

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    I have been having trouble accessing my blog….I periodically get this message………..

    Address Not Found
    Firefox can’t find the server at

    I report this to support then a while later my site goes back up and support says something like this last response………


    Thank you for contacting I can send your blog without any trouble. Could you send me a traceroute and we can check into it?

    Automattic |

    Is it just me or are there others out there experiencing this too?



    bargainprofessor, next time try

    We’re not aware of any general problems preventing access to blogs recently.



    Your blog is up for me.

    @staff (yes, I’ll send this through support too)

    It would help when asking for something like a traceroute or ping to either give directions or a link to a website where there are directions. It wasn’t that I got interested in my computer that I even know what those things were. The average blogger here probably wouldn’t have a clue what a traceroute is.


    tellyworth, that is an awesome site, thanks for the link, and katm, yes a link to something like that would be helpful.

    Anyway my blog is back but for how long before it goes down again, who knows. Thanks for the feedback.

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