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Is YouTube support down

  1. Hi,

    My wordpress site ( could not show the YouTube for a couple days. Just wonder is something wrong. I still could go directly to But the embed YouTube clip doesn't show up on my blog.

    Khun T

  2. Did they show up before? Mine seem to be working okay; sometimes when you get too many on one page they won't show because your computer is overloaded, but if you can go to that's probably not the problem. Can you give us an example of one post where they're not showing up?

  3. I see the youtube fine on a couple of your posts. Like rain asks, are there specifics ones where it's not showing?

  4. Thanks. So may be it is my ISP or Internet problem.

  5. *sigh*

    Mark, can we get that 72 pixel font please? I'm really beginning to think we need it.

    thaibaht, please point at specific posts where you're not seeing the youtube video displayed. Is it all of them or just specific ones?

  6. All those YouTube embed post. You could try with this,

    I think my ISP have a problem. I could visit but not

    Could be either DNS or some of their network problem,

  7. OK. My problem is gone now, after contact with my ISP. Thanks everyone.

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