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iso-8859-7 to utf-8

  1. How can i change the encoding of my base files (posts and comments) so when I change to utf-8 encoding my blog will remain readable???

  2. Base files? I don't know if we have access to those here at Do you host your own blog yourself? If so, you should ask here at the forum because the software runs differently:

  3. nope it's hosted... all ideas are welcome

  4. I believe you should send a feedback to staff with a link back to this thread.

  5. Have you tried:

    Options -> Reading
    Syndication Feeds
    Encoding for pages and feeds

    By default, at least on my blog, the encoding type is set to UTF-8

  6. well when i imported my blog's posts and comments from blogger i had to change to iso-8859-7 in order to have a readable blog, changing to utf-8 turns it unreadable... i have used the feedback to report the situat├Čon... thank you people

  7. I think changing the encoding only works for future posts, not ones aready made.

  8. drmike i got that... i think something like the use the following plugin for blogs could help blogs but i am not sure if there are any security concerns...

  9. I would suggest sending in a feedback and suggest it and why you think it's needed to staff but I would think that it would cause more issues than solve.

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