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    I am using the free wordpress theme itheme2. The theme is fabulous and I absolutely love the slider feature.
    However, I found an issue reported by multiple visitors – when the home page loads all the images in the slider show for a few seconds, while the page is still loading. Post that only 5 are accustomed in the slider and the slider is resized. This happens for a longer duration when the connection is a slow one and the home page looks awkward.

    Can you make the slider pictures (other than the 5 shown) load in the background and do not show while the page is still loading?

    Another request related to features of iTheme2 – is it possible to slide 5 posts at a time rather than only one?

    The blog I need help with is



    Howdy! Thank you for your feedback.

    We’ll take the delayed image loading into consideration as a theme enhancement.

    It is not possible to slide 5 posts at once with iTheme2.

    Hope this clarifies!



    Hey thanks!

    Just want to clarify that more than delayed loading the major issue is – while the home page is loading all the featured pics (of slider posts) show scattered in the home page at once.

    If I am still not clear I can send a screenshot which will show the problem.



    Hi, it is realy a great theme thank you. My question is:

    When I click static page for front page on Settings>reading > the posts slider does not display. Is it possible to keep the slider at a static page?

    This is my test page:
    I am going to apply it on if it is possible.

    Many thanks

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