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    Somebody help me please, I don’t find nowhere my issue. When I published my post time(hour) doesn’t appear, why? and few day’s ago I change my e-mail, and now I don’t received what I post in my new email address.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hello there,

    Some themes show the timestamps on post and some don’t. Apparently you chose one that doesn’t. You have two options.
    (1) Type in the time on each post.
    (2) Switch to a theme that has this feature.

    Themes with and without timestamps



    You have two separate email address settings at

    Blog notifications for the admin (like comment moderation, Likes, new subscriptions, etc) are sent to the email address at Settings -> General in the Dashboard.

    Personal notifications (like comments on your post, subscription emails, and upgrade renewals) are sent to the email address at Users -> Personal Settings in the Dashboard.

    Try changing it at!/settings/ first.

    If that doesn’t work, try Users -> Personal Settings in your blog’s Dashboard.

    Note: Issues Changing your E-mail Address >


    Thank you so much I find this issue after I change my theme, but issue with my email still remain, and now another problem…in google with the old username still appear.



    I tagged this thread for Staff help with the email issue. Please subscribe to it so you are notified when they respond.



    Hi there – could you please double-check that you’ve updated your email address in the two places that timethief recommended earlier:

    1) Users > Personal Settings

    You’ll need to confirm the email changes by clicking the confirmation link when you receive the automated confirmation message at your new email address.

    Please let me know if this works.

    in google with the old username still appear.

    Could you please explain in more detail what you mean here? Thanks.

    #1149177!/settings/, definitely, I changed in the first time….and still not received. I don’t now where is the issue. Thanks for trying to help me.



    I’m going to send you an email so we can try to sort this out privately. Please look out for it and let me know if you don’t receive it. Thanks!

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