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Issue with blog views

  1. My blog says I got 10 likes on the new post that I posted, which means that at least 10 people have viewed my blog between late last night and this morning. The stats are saying only 4 people viewed yesterday (and 1 visitor) and 2 people viewed today (with 1 visitor). Where are the other views of my blog? It is not possible to have 10 wordpress bloggers like my post without having at least 10 cumulative views. Also, I highly doubt that if only 10 people viewed my site that ALL 10 would have "liked" the post. that doesnt make sense. I tried refreshing the browser, still no change either last night or today.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Yes it is possible for ten people to like a post and not have ten views. Ten people liked your post from the Reader or email. It's that simple. People can like and follow from the Reader and need never visit your blog. Only an actual visit to your blog will record a hit. People also 'like' from the Reader without even actually bothering to read!

  3. isn't the reader for people who have blogs they follow? nobody followed my blog before yesterday- it is brand new.

  4. People can read topics from the Reader. They don't have to be following your blog to be able to see it and read it in the Reader under Topics.

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