Issue with Mac Safari

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    Darkchocolate posted this in a thread concerning something else. I have moved it here.

    how come mac’s safari doesnt show the options to upload photos and etc. and i always have problem uploading files. please help. thank you!



    Safari has a number of support issues for functions that the rest of us take for granted. Things like WYSIWYG. Even TinyMCE has run into this issue. Chances are you’re running into that issue.


    I get round this problem by using Mac Firefox. Yea, sorry, not a technical fix really.



    As much as i like Apple and Mac, Safari sucks. I still use it cause I’m too lazy to transfer lots of features and bookmarks to other browsers. But honestly, Firefox, Camino and Omniweb work much better with wordpress.


    does it mean that by using firefox browser, the options will be shown? thanks!



    Some people have reported issues with the most recent version of FireFox. I would give it a shot though.

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