Issue With Pages Widget in Chaotic Soul Theme

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    I am having some issues with the pages widget in the Chaotic Soul theme.

    I have just published some sub-pages. I gave them each a page order number. I am listing them inside the widget itself to exclude them from the listing, but this doesn’t work. And not only is the widget displaying the pages that I am trying to hide, but it is also displaying some sort of strange number (2202 20) next to each page. And I have no clue why.

    My blog is If you scroll down, the pages widget is about 6-ish or so down in the right hand column. Anyone have a clue as to why this is happening?


    The blog I need help with is


    Since you wanted to exclude those pages, what’s the point giving ordering them? In the Exclude box you must write the page ID numbers, not the page order numbers.


    Oh. Duh. That’s what it is. I misunderstood and mixed up page order numbers with the page ID numbers. Thank you for the clarification.

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