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    Moving another post to it’s own thread. :)

    NeoArch states:

    The navigation on Regulus does not render correctly in IE6.x. It’s a CSS issue. It works in Firefox and other browsers, and in IE7 beta 2.

    Also, is there any way the sidebar option could be added to Regulus? It would be nice to be able to use for my links instead of the links feature.


    I’ve got a similar, but different issue, because mine doesn’t render correctly on Firefox either.

    On a regular basis, the Regulus theme gets weird and starts ignoring the hierarchy of Pages. I really appreciate the features of WordPress, and in particular, the themes that allow me to customize the appearance of the blog. However, for the blog to suddenly go brain-dead and display sub-pages as scattered links that completely obscue the title of the page, makes me wonder why things are changing under-the-hood?

    At present, I’ve made all of my pages and sub-pages private to keep them from obscuring the title. Why does Regulus suddenly do this?




    Tim, then please follow the instructions in the red sticky at the top of the forum. When you submit a Feedback, please make sure you state which version of FireFox and OS you are using. :)

    Good luck,



    I have the same problem as timthefoo, and it just started yesterday.

    I have checked using multiple browser types and the defect remains. The regulus title is obscured and the hierarchy of pages is being totally ignored. This was the feature that brought me to WordPress and so its sudden loss is devastating.

    Sub-pages are no longer hidden under the main page but clutter and bump one another off the top of the page. This should not happen. Something has obviously been changed at the site that results in this undesirable consequence.

    I was fine with the options I already had and hope that the Blog can soon be restored. Until then, navigation through the pages is hopeless.



    Same issue here! Has anyone emailed the theme developer?




    Regulus wasn’t designed to accomodate sites that have pages with large amounts of pages/ pages with very long titles.

    I’m afraid I can’t see any way around this besides using a different theme or editing the page title to something shorter.

    I’m open to suggestions though.



    Ok – time for an update. I have just checked out my blog and it appears that the subpages are being shown as well as the main pages, which means that something inside wordpress itself has changed. I will get onto the developers to see what’s going on.


    Sorry Mike… the instructions on the Feedback seemed to suggest that I should be using the forums instead. As for versions, I’ve tried Firefox 1.5 and 1.01, IE6 & 7, and Safari. My friends are all using various browsers, and are seeing the same thing

    Regardless, it doesn’t seem like a theme issue to me, since the Regulus theme hasn’t changed (AFAIK), and I’ve used Pages/Subpages for awhile. Suddenly, all of the subpages have become top level blobs that obscure the title.

    Thanks for the help, and I’ll go with Feedback next time.




    Hi All
    thanks BinaryMoon for getting on to this. Regulus is too good a theme to drop due to this issue. What I’ve temporarily done is made all my child pages private to restore the page to something decent for expected visitors over the next few days. I’ve included one child page ‘Game Maker’ to demonstrate the fault plus allow others to access the downloads.
    Can I perhaps temporarily link to child pages so that they can open?

    BTW When I go to Manage > Pages > Page Management, not all my pages are listed. The way around this is to search for ‘wordpress’ – it appears on all pages :) I would still like a fix on this to make my demos easier.


    I’m having the same problem. Hope it’s fixed soon as I really don’t want to change themes. And I’m not as technically adept as some other users. ;-) But I will make the child pages private for the time being. Will you please update this thread once it’s fixed? Thanks!

    Oh – another problem I’m having is that I can’t even get to my older pages in the dashboard! So, I guess I won’t be able to change some of them.

    GRR! This is very frustrating!


    Hi all – I’m copying my post below onto this thread – as I suppose this is also an ‘issue with regulus’!

    I wonder if any of you are having the same problem? I created a list of contributors’ names, under a parent category in Regulus. When I edited the name of the parent category, all the children in that category died! I’ve tried again – creating a whole new list – but none of the names now show. When I try another theme, the names show up. Not only do they show up, but they show in alphabetical order too! With Regulus, when I added a new name to the category it attached itself to the bottom of the list, out of alphbetical order.

    I’d really like each contributor to be able to click on her name and see all of her contributions in one place. I’ve got 80 + people waiting to read this blog tomorrow, and I’m desperate! Can anyone help?

    The thing is, I don’t want to change themes! I love the way regulus looks and the way all posts are in the same font etc. so must I just wait and hope that this is a problem that will be resloved soon?



    I sent a feedback about the problem and received an automated email. I organize a lot of material on the pages and sub-pages that, at least until now, worked so well with Regulus. The majority of the material is obscured and now not available. A few boxes are jumbled on the top of the pages, even covering up the title.

    New features are being added to the general site and I suspect not everything is compatible with all the templates. Whatever was done to the tags had unforeseen consequences. I tried reloading Regulus, but it made no difference. If nothing else, this forum is useful for letting patrons know that their problems are not unique.

    Remember the old saying, “Misery loves company.”


    Hi again

    My categories are back — don’t ask me how, and they’re still out of alphabetical order, but … they’re back!



    This should be fixed now.



    That’s wonderful–I’d test it out but both the WYSIWYG and HTML editors are gone now. Firefox 1.5 Tried using IE but it won’t even let me log in. argh.


    Thanks… everything seems back to normal.





    Everythings back to normal, almost! On Internet Explorer categories, archives and blog roll are way way down the bottom of the page. No worry, everything is clean and accessable. I’ve even been given a page head picture in keeping with my blog topic. I really appreciate it all.



    Hi All,
    Matt – the parent/child hierachy is fixed and that is wonderful. HOWEVER :)
    There is no editor visible in previously created and new posts. Old posts stay in HTML. Graphics can sometimes be uploaded but none can be sent to the editor. The home page looks and works well and fortunately I am able to login.
    Annieander – search for ‘wordpress’ in page management to see all your pages – more in my previous post. Without this technique, less than 10% of my child pages are currently visible in the dashboard.
    I have recommended WordPress to be used for professional learning within the South Australian education department. Right now it is under consideration. I appreciate your continued prompt response to fixing these problems. Cheers, Al

    Update – this time when I clicked ‘Save and Continue Editing’ (although very slow and I was worried about timing out) the text editor appeared. I was able to upload a graphic and will test more on this tomorrow. It’s looking good. [No improvement yet on visibility of all child pages in page management.] Keep up the good work. It will soon all be resolved and we can concentrate on the new features being offered.

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