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    There is an issue with scheduling in the UK – at least for my blog – when I schedule things to go live – ie at 9am, they don’t go live – it seems like the clock is out of sync with UK time

    I assume this is due to the daylight savings change in the UK?

    The blog I need help with is



    Do you have the proper time set? Dashboard >> Settings >> General

    Also a Scheduled Post is not published until someone actually visits your site – then the time date stamp is set back to the intended time – so if you have a 9:00 am schedule and nobody visits until 10:00 am the Post will not be published until 10:00 am.



    @auxclass … does visiting your own site to see if it is published not trigger that?



    Yes – if you visit the site you will trigger the Post to be published

    If you subscribe by email to your own site you can see the behavior based on when you receive the new Post email. I also tested this feature on a new site I set up a few months ago – just like the documents stated – you need a visit for a Post to publish.


    Hello – thanks for your replies. In all cases I visited my blog to check whether the post had been published so if it was waiting for the first visit it should have been triggered by that. Also I normally have 70 or so visits by 9am so I don’t think that explains it.

    I checked the time setting and it does seem to have changed to UTC rather than GMT so I’ve switched it to London so that should hopefully resolve it – thanks for your help!



    You be welcome & good luck

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