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    I noticed what I presume is some kind of bug. With the blog theme I’m using, Widely, I use the “insert more” tag on posts to minimize them so my front page isn’t cluttered.

    The problem is, the Reader doesn’t seem to recognize any text beyond that, thus not showing any word count – or a small one – when there’s in fact hundreds of words following.

    Is there any work-around I’m not aware of, or do I have to wait for fixes?

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there,

    I see what you mean about the word count not showing up there. When you only have a very short piece of text before the “more” tag like that, the word count won’t show up. I reported this to our team, to see if we can fix that. Please stay tuned while we look into this. :)

    In the meantime, one way to make sure the word count appears is to include a bit more text before you add the “more” tag to your posts. For example, try placing that tag after a few sentences of your post, instead of after the first sentence. Having a little more text before that tag should trigger the word count in the Reader.

    Thanks for letting us know about this issue!



    thanks for the thorough reply – that was unexpected!

    I’ll deal with it, until you guys find a way to take care of it.

    Have a nice evening!



    You’re very welcome. :) We’ll let you know if we’re able to fix that issue.

    Happy blogging, and have a great weekend!

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