Issue with WP 2.9 and plugins activation

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    My first installation, with a WP 2.9, i should have try for a former release,

    Every plugin that i want to upload, i got a internal server 500 error.

    The plugin get uploaded but not unpacked.

    So i did it myself directly into the plugin folder, right permission on everything.

    Checked on WP admin plugin board and my plugin appears.

    I tried to activate it, i got another and constant error 500 from the server.

    What is wrong? Some plugin just fail later in the process, activated, but no more WP-Admin access, so i needed to rename the folder via ftp to de-activate it.
    Some plugin can be activated, but when trying to access there features, settings, there is something further that goes simply wrong.

    I just cannot figure out if it is a server requirements that is not met or it is the compatibility of these plugins with the WP 2.9?

    People are saying that these plugins works for most of them with the 2.9.

    Does somebody have some answer on this subject? you will be welcome.



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    You are in the wrong forum. We cannot help you here at wordpress.COM
    Go here http://wordpress.ORG/support



    I am trying to figure out the best way of installing an “Infusion4WP” plugin on my wordpress blog.

    The instruction video shows how the plugin should be added, but they seem to have a sidebar menu category “Plugins” that I don’t have.

    There must be some way of installing this menu category, but I have not been ablee to figure it out.

    Can anyone help me, I am new to this and completely lost.

    My blog address is

    Thanks for your help


    Member blogs do not have FTP access. Consequently, nothing – no themed or plugins can be uploaded into them. blogs do have FTP access. Consequently, themes and plugins can be uploaded into them.

    support documentation entries:

    Bottom line: You cannot upload the plugin you refer to above or any other plugins into your blog.

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