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    First: sorry for my english.
    Since this afternoon I’m having lots of problems inserting any kind of links (texts or pictures) in a post.
    As happened with tables times ago, once saved, I lost all or part of my links.
    In text mode it’s appears to solve, but not always.
    Please, help me! :-)

    The blog I need help with is



    Can you please try clearing out your cache?

    Do you also encounter this issue in a different browser? for example Internet Explorer or Google Chrome?


    Hi! Thank you so much for your answer! :-)

    So, I’ll try to explain.

    Using FF 17.0.1 everything was ok, since yesterday afternoon.

    Tried to insert links (alway by FF 17.0.1), using different computers (same O.S.): the same problem.
    I set FF to automatically clear my cache, cookies , history and so on every time I close it.

    More: I tried with different users (administrator and editor). No way.

    So, I tried to set links by Opera (now I’m just using this browser): the same problem, unfortunately.

    It’s like the link is stripped out after I save the page, most of all if I insert a picture in the post.

    I repeat: the link is stripped out both for texts and images.

    To bypass this:
    1) I set the link
    2) go into text view
    3) verify if all the links are ok
    4) remaining in text view, then I save.

    By this way, I hope not to do a mistake telling the “story” (!), the link remains there!

    I hope you could help me. Thank you in advance (and sorry for my terrible english!!!).




    Hi there,

    Could you take a “before” and “after” screenshot, showing when you put the link in, and then when the link is gone?

    Has this happened to you in any other browser?



    Here I’m!

    So, I tried both Firefox (latest version) and Opera (latest version): same problem.

    I create a pdf and inside you’ll find all the sequence of the screenshots.

    I was able to find this hosting site (7 days “time to live”). Tell me if I have to choose another.

    Thank you!!!



    Hi there, thanks for the additional details, very helpful. I was not able to reproduce it on your blog. Is this happening for all posts, including new posts that you create, or have you just noticed it on this post?



    Thank you so much for your help! :-)

    So, I have these problems for all the posts.

    I thought there could be a problem with a specific one, so I create a new article (by Opera, not FF): no way. :-(

    I notice that the issue appears if the links are “close”; I mean:
    1) for “only text” links, if they are in lines which succeed
    2) in other situations, if I embed a link into an image and immediately next (in the next line) I introduce a linked-text.

    I hope I was able to explain.
    Tried this evening too: always the same issue.



    Sorry for this additional post, but I think: I don’t know if you can (I suppose “yes”), why don’t you try to create a new post into “my” blog to verify if this kind of problem reproduce.

    Thank you once again!


    I realize a new post and the problem is still there.
    Only using text mode I can solve the situation.

    If it could be helpful, we could “open” a TeamViewer session while I’m writing a post.




    Hi there,

    Could you save your images to your media gallery and provide the links here (the screenshots you took)?

    Once you publish the post, are the links/images still being stripped out?



    Hi! Here once again! :-)

    Loaded the 8 screenshots on my media gallery (the name is like “WordPress_numberofpic

    These are the links:
    1) Screenshot n. 1

    2) Screenshot n. 2

    3) Screenshot n. 3

    4) Screenshot n. 4

    5) Screenshot n. 5

    6) Screenshot n. 6

    7) Screenshot n. 7

    8) Screenshot n. 8

    Once you publish the post, are the links/images still being stripped out?

    No, they don’t, but only because I fix the links before publishing.

    I mean:
    a) I write a post and I embed all the necessary links
    b) before saving the draft I switch into text editor (and I find all the links regularly)
    c) then I save the draft and if I check the article using the preview, everything is ok, the same if I directly publish the post (but I have to remain into the text editor, because if I “go back” to visual editor all the links are stripped out).

    “all the links are stripped out” -> I mean, all the links that:
    i) for “only text” links, if they are in lines which succeed
    ii) if I introduce a linked-text after an image, even if there isn’t link “under” the image (I have done other tests).

    Thank you very very much for your patience! My english is terrible, I know! :-(

    I create another article just yesterday night: always the same problem …



    Sorry! I forgot …

    I write a post and I embed all the necessary links

    I always write a post starting into “visual editor”!
    Only before saving the article I switch into “text editor”, the I save the draft.




    Ok, I think I understand now – your images were really helpful!

    So the problem seems to be that you have a link for your image, and when you go down to the next line, the link persists into that line of text, until you save. But if you switch to “text” view, the link actually embeds into that line of text?


    your images were really helpful!

    Better than my english!!! :-)

    the problem seems to be that you have a link for your image, and when you go down to the next line, the link persists into that line of text, until you save

    Not only for the images.

    I had (notice: “had”!!!) this problem if in different and close lines there are links, under texts or images it doesn’t matter.

    I have said “I had” because just this night I create a new post (in visual mode) without any problems!!!

    This one:

    I must say I used a new computer (the third!), with a different O.S..
    I’ll tell you tomorrow if the issue is disappeared, ok?

    Thank you very very much!



    This morning I wrote another post (by the “first” computer – where I found the problems) and I haven’t had no issues with the links!

    Composing the article, in visual mode, sometimes there is still something “strange”. I mean:
    1) copy and past “pure” text; then I select it
    2) formatting this text as “align-center”
    3) all the text go to the center of the line and only a part remains selected
    4) then, I select once again all the text and proceed embedding a link in this text
    5) as I close the box (I’m in visual mode) to insert the link, pushing the button “Add link”, only a part of the text is linked (just the one at point number “3)”).

    Anyway, I hope I can say the problem is solved.
    Could I delete the screenshots from my media gallery now?

    Thank you so much and Happy Xmas! :)))



    Hi Paolo,

    I’m very glad this issue resolved! I was speaking with the team, and I know there were a lot of various pieces of code being worked on, so your issue could have very well been fixed internally.

    You can delete the screenshots, yes :)

    Merry Christmas!


    Once again: thank you so much for your patience and lovely kindness.

    This morning another heavy post with lots of links: all it’s ok!!!

    Cheer from Italy! Merry Christmas to all the Team!




    Yay! I’m so glad this has resolved for you!


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