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Issues when viewing my blog in Chrome

  1. Google Chrome is my browser of choice. I also have IE9.
    Whenever I open my blog to read (not to edit), Google Chrome tells me that I have insecure content (exact quote: "This page has insecure content. [Don't Load (Recommended)] [Load Anyway]."). I tried viewing in IE9, in case it was my computer or my blog, but nothing. Chrome seems to be the only blog having this issue. Is it possible to fix it?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Are you viewing your blog with https:// ? If so, dump the "s" and just use http:// when viewing your blog.

  3. this isn't really a fix. this is just a way to bypass that notification regarding unsecure content from the wordpress blog.

    the big question is, what part in a wordpress blog is unsecure, especially because it is a blog on the platform and not a self hosted wordpress. therefore, the security of the blog is supposed to be taken care of by the team, and not another hosting company.

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