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Issues with Blogrolls, Tagclouds and Categories

  1. Right now there are some pretty widespread issues with some things with Mainly affecting blogrolls and categories, there might be some other small problems as well. Staff are aware and fixing them as we speak.


  2. Thanks for that. My blogroll and categories have all vanished. Thought I might have lost me marbles instead.

  3. Thanks, my blog rolls are gone too.

  4. Heh. Glad I thought to check status... couldn't figure out what I could have done to cause that.

  5. I'm so glad it's not just mine that vanished! Hopefully it'll be fixed soon.

  6. My blogroll and tag cloud are missing. I am sure WP is busy fixing them, but I didn't see anyone else mention a missing tag cloud so I thought I would mention it.

  7. Thanks for that - I panicked!! :D

  8. Oh good, I was just starting to wonder if I messed something up. LOL! Thanks!

  9. mine have disappeared too...thought I messed things up too

  10. Thanks for the sticky. Only part of my blogroll is gone - but it's a pretty important part. Glad to know that you are working on it.

  11. i was just trying to setup a new blog and couldn't get the catogories to take....and of course thought it was me....glad i decided to come in here.....thanks for being here and letting me know i wasn't crazy or just plain stupid... :)

  12. It was gone... but it has now returned. Yay! Thanks WP.

  13. Thanks for working hard, as always, WordPress. Keep at it!

  14. My blogrolls does not appear in the Links Widget , although they are categorized !
    So is my problem related to these issues ?

    Thanks & sorry for my v.^10 bad English :)

  15. I cant see my categories!!! I started to think it was my fault LOL.
    I hope they fix it soon.

  16. Oh btw : something else please take a look about the sourcecode tag thing as it does not work for me.

  17. They're only partially there. And I've been doing a live blog the past few hours and wordpress just erased the whole post. You guys are killin' me today. Help!

  18. Oh hell, I thought I was losing my mind. I'm glad I thought to look here before all my hair was pulled out.

  19. Thanks for letting us know Trent. Appreciate it!

  20. Yeah, my blogroll is still going crazy too, so I was hoping maybe a status message was posted here. Thanks to for their hard work in addressing this problem!

  21. my blogroll doesn't appear on the sidebar

  22. hopefully it'll be fixed everyone just stay calm and wait...

  23. I'm missing some of my blogroll but not all of it. But nice to know you're on it. Thanks guys.

  24. Scrambled links

    I have my entire blogroll, and all my categories (except for A+ favorite posts). But it's an entirely mix and match affair. Lots of double and triple listings. Some teachers are listed as teachers, others under puzzles some under New York. And my favorite comic (among others) now belongs to 5 or 6 regular categories.

  25. Good, all my posts categories show up as posted in uncategorized for some reason, there all categorized though...

  26. Only 4 of 12 of my links in my Blogroll showing.

  27. Okay, now some stuff is back, most of it still is MIA. What gives?

  28. Well, now I know it wasn't my fault. I'm pretty brand new and I was freaking because my categories were gone.

  29. Please don't post in this thread.

    Please be very, very specific as to what is missing.

    Post here:

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