Issues with child/parent pages in Twenty-Eleven theme?

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    I’m having an issue that just started yesterday. I’m running an author site/blog under the twenty-eleven theme and I went to edit a child page under the parent ‘Extras’ and now the ‘Bookshelf’ page won’t even show up?

    Also, tried to add a new child page under ‘My Fiction’ and also rearrange the current child pages, and they won’t rearrange and the new child page won’t show. I can see these changes/pages under my Dashboard, but they are invisible under two different computers/browsers. I talked to a friend who runs the same theme/browser combo as me, and she’s not having problems at all?

    // Update: I changed themes to Twenty Ten. And everything is fine/things are showing up as they are in my Dashboard in that theme…

    But the reason I switched to Twenty Eleven in the FIRST place was for a bigger header + better looking menu + more widgets… I love the way my blog looks under Twenty Eleven. I don’t want to revert :/

    So I tried switching back to Twenty Eleven and once again, the Bookshelf and Spellbound child pages are once again missing AND the Fiction dropdown is out of order again.

    Thanks for help in advance. Hope I can resolve this soon.

    The blog I need help with is


    Did you by chance create a custom menu for the site? If so, child pages will not automatically show up in the menu, and new top level parent pages will only show up if you have set the custom menu to do that.


    But 2011 automatically displays dropdowns to chld pages, so if you want your menu to include page tabs only, then you don’t need a custom menu at all. In that case go to Appearance > Menus and select the blank option from the Theme locations pulldown.


    Thank you guys! I had -totally- forgotten that I’d made a custom menu. I fiddled with it and everything works wonderfully now :)

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