Issues with Contempt CSS customization

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    Hi folks: I have several issues that I cannot figure out. I’ve tried everything and can’t figure out the following (I use a customized Contempt template).

    1) Why “Top Clicks” links don’t extend to end of box like other sidebar items.

    2) Why “Browsing Music” sidebar item header is blue (?). I’m guessing it has something to do with the widget…

    3) Is there a way for me to make the main categories in my “By Subject” (tags list) sidebar item larger, bolder and a different color?

    Blog is here:

    I use a PC with IE7. Please let me know if there is anything else I can provide. And, many thanks ahead for any help. I’ve really experimented with everything and am at my rope’s end. Should I submit this in a feedback form as well?




    1) The function that is used by the display is probably hard coded to only display a certain number of characters. Considering most Post URLs are 60 to 80 characters long usually, it’s got to cut them off somewhere. The stats pages on the dashboard are like that as well.

    2) It’s like that because it’s a link as well. Notice that the other links in your sidebar are links as well. You didn’t make the title of that widget into a link, did you?

    Someone else is going to have to hit #3 as my css if pretty bad.


    Nope, no link on widget title. Thanks very much for your help! Those seem like probable explanations.



    *chuckle* The first one has been brought up from time to time but on the stats page instead.

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