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    We were told by one of our readers that they were having trouble locating our .com domain in Google, alas, we discovered the same issue. We temporarily switched back to our domain ( and found that it was almost immediately indexed without having to even leave the first page.

    We notice that none of our links ending in .com are being indexed but if we switch to the WP URL they are immediately indexed. Can someone tell us what is wrong with our website? This is getting to be confusing.

    The blog I need help with is



    Our .com domain is* We’re not sure if something has gone wrong with our domain, or we were marked ‘bad’ in some way. I noticed on a few ‘database’ sites that they’ve got our blog listed as malicious and hosting all sorts of stuff that we’ve never even hosted…. Where is that coming from?



    I’m sorry you’re not happy with how Google is indexing your site, but it doesn’t sound like an issue with specifically. I just went Google, and when I searched for Bazaar Daily News, was the third result.

    If you’re not happy with your Google performance, you may wish to familiarize yourself with the Google Webmaster tools,

    I hope this helps!



    We’ve posted the sitemap into that widget service, however it’s been three days and it’s not taking the .com/sitemap.xml


    Google can sometimes get backed up and I’ve seen it take up to a week for them to verify a site or a sitemap. I’ve also seen it take 4-6 weeks for a new site to show up in Google when you specifically search for the URL of the site.

    If is mapped to then all traffic to is being redirected to, so that won’t be an issue.

    Also since wordpress uses 301 permanent redirects on the domain mapping, the search engines will pick up on that and start replacing the links to the old URL with the new URLs. It just takes time.



    I lifted some content strings from that page and searched for it on Google. The content is very widely syndicated, already. So your search ranking efforts are competing against a large number of previously well ranked sites. Duplicated contents doesn’t get valued much at Google. So sites like “here is where all the good stuff is scattered around the net” tend not to do so well. Adding original content would help. Do more of what you did with the “Robert Hilborn” article, for example.


    @motre has a good point on that. Google is getting really, really, really tough on duplicate content and tosses sites with duplicate content into an abyss.



    It might also help if you had more than one post on the front page. Google loves text on the front page. ORIGINAL text.

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