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    One of my readers – said that my header bar looks strange to him. Apparently my header is coming up in the middle of my page. The part that says “Home”, “About”, and “Coaching” is covering the first sentence in the second paragraph.

    It looks fine to me. Is this what you see as well? If not, how do i fix this?


    The blog I need help with is



    Actually clicking on your blog froze my computer while it waited for copyscape banners to load. What exactly have you got in your Header?


    Odd. Just my header image – which has worked without any issues until I added the copyscape banner last week.



    I can’t actually get onto your blog to see it because my computer freezes while waiting for copyscape banners to load so someone else will help you with this.



    I can’t even see a header using Firefox 15.0.1 and I flagged this thread for Staff assistance. Hopefully, you did not try to embed a link in your header image to copyscape because if you did that’s the cause of this. Header images cannot be linked to third party sites.


    Thanks @timethief and @thegiddygoat – I didnt embed a link. Not sure whats wrong.


    I went to go see what my header image was and even the page said there was no header image – even though it appears there every time I look at my site and I didnt change anything. I just uploaded the image again. We’ll see what happens



    hooray! Your header has reappeared now.


    Wohoo! Thanks for your help. Not sure what happened – but glad it was minor :)

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