Issues with Moving to a Self Hosted Blog

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    I’m moving the above blog to a self-hosted site (it will be on our main site, probably as and I wondered if the link benefits we currently have would be lost?

    The blog’s current domain name is as I changed it about 6 months ago, so would it be possible to redirect from 2 sources? (i.e. the original and the current

    Many thanks for your help.
    Blog url:



    Looks like your site is currently mapped to this domain:

    Note that you don’t have to move your blog just because you’re switching to self-hosting. You can still have the same domain mapped to the new blog.

    If you want to redirect that URL to the blog’s new location, you can probably do this on the domain itself – ask your hosting provider for help with this.

    To redirect your blog’s original address (, you can use the Site Redirect upgrade. Read more about it here:


    Thanks for the reply. If I did move the blog, would the redirect work for both old blog addresses?

    Many thanks.



    The short answer is “that depends” :)

    Here’s the longer answer:

    If you only ever used the address, you don’t have to worry about the address.

    You should only redirect the address if you think that users might have saved bookmarks or shared links that point to the address.

    To redirect just you should probably contact your host.

    To redirect you can use the Site Redirect upgrade.

    If you get the Site Redirect upgrade and also leave the address mapped to the same blog (as it is now), then the Site Redirect upgrade will also redirect the address to the new location, so you’d be hitting two birds with one stone.

    Sorry if this sounds more complicated then it should :)


    Thank you for your help. Will the seo benefits accumulated so far be lost?



    It’s hard to say, as Google keeps changing the game so frequently.

    If there’s any loss, it should only be momentary if you redirect things.

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