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Issues with the new forum format

  1. Apparently the ability to edit forum posts has disappeared with this new format.

  2. Yep, noticed that. Hopefully it was an oversight and they'll correct it. Was useful.

  3. Going to change this into a list of issues becasue I'm noticing a half dozen issues.

  4. 1) End users no longer have the hour that they used to have to edit their posts.

    2) Text lines that run off the right hand side are hidden by the right white space of the forums. This makes it hard to post links and code for use here.

    3) Page two of a thread shows the first post of that page with the thread's origional poster's name even if the post was done by someone else. See the top post in this thread for an example.

    4) previously viewed links on the main page are the same color as not visited threads. This messes me up as I don't know what I have hit and haven't hit yet.

    There were some other things I noticed but I can't think of them right off.

  5. This probably will not be supported by others but I'd really appreciate an increase in font size. I can't focus very well and if the font is going to remain this small I won't be helping as many people as I have in the past.

  6. Let's call that #5:

    Just noticed that I can't adjust the font size within by browser. Gotta agree with TT on that one. Please give us some way to make it adjustable.

    #6: The original poster in a thread doesn't have a link to their blog. For the rest of the posts, everybody else gets a link but the first post. Kind of hard trying to help out when you have to dig for the URL.

  7. TT, since you're using Firefox, you can zoom your page by pressing [Ctrl] and [+] keys (the [+] on the ten-key pad). To restore the page to its original font size, press [Ctrl] and [0] (number zero).

  8. Drmike, in IE7 you can do the same to zoom the page in. To zoom it out, pressing [Ctrl][0] won't work, you have to do it pressing [Ctrl][-]

  9. Hmm, still doesn't work for me...

    I remember something about you had to use the keypad keys to do stuff like that. I don't have a keypad here so that may be the issue. I'm on a laptop here and I never figured out how to activate the blue keys on here...

  10. #7 We no longer have a way to link directly to a post within a thread.

    #8 Where's it says Username Status Date along the top of the post, if you get a real long username, it all runs on top of one another.

  11. PLEASE bring back the differences between not viewed and previously viewed links. It's an issue. I'm rehitting threads like mad around here since I'm tabbing between different windows.

    #9 The strong tag appears to not be defined as that please up there should be in bold.

  12. G'morning,
    Thanks I do know how to increase the size of the font at this end and I've already done that. I have better than 20/20 vision in both eyes I just need magnification like most middle-aged people. The real problem is that my eyes do not adjust quickly and focus well right away (lingering problem due to head injuries). Every time I move to another tab like the FAQs where the font is different I have to change it again either increase or decrease it and that means I have a period of blurriness until my eyes adjust again. That's why I edit almost every post I make frequently more than once. I press "send post" and wait for my focus to clear and then I go at it again.

  13. I'm checking out the blockquote function.

    Now I testing italics.
    And now I'm checking out placing code between backtics <p> </p>

  14. Well, well, well. It seems only the blockquote worked.

    #10 The italics tag appears not to be defined.

    #11. We can't post code between backtics without it being stripped out.

  15. Code worked for me. Not sure what you did in your post but I saw a regular quote at the end.

  16. The time is the post url.

  17. Thanks for "fixing" the quote mark. I feel grumpy that I couldn't do it myself.

  18. It's 10:09 AM where I live. It's not 6:09 PM.

  19. #12 There is no "home" link at the top of the forum page.
    #13 There is no "tags" page link ate the head of the forum page.

  20. As I can't edit I'm posting again to remove #11. I can simply use the "dashboard" jump from the nav bar to navigate to my blogs.

  21. Mark, yeah I figured that out. Thanks. :)

    TT, it's probably UTC time. I thinkI remember seeing that onn the old layout like that. *shrug* Gotta admit that I rarley look at the time.

    I do hope staff is not taking this listing in a negative way by the way. :)

    One minor thing. I can't log directly into the forums. It's bouncing me back to the main login. That may be on my own end. Didn't do that yesterday though.

  22. Test


  23. Just in case an ego needs assuaging out there: " Please accept our feedback as constructive criticism, okay." :)

    I'm wondering if that every pale cream colour background on the sticky posts could be perhaps changed to a more vibrant colour that resembles "high-lighting".

  24. 1. Edit link: Yes you can. Upper right of post.
    2. Text overflow: Fixed
    3. Thread paging: fixed
    4. previously viewed links: fixed (no need to shout)
    5. Text Size. Not sure what to say other than to echo elpelos
    6. OP Link: Fixed
    7. Link to post: the post time has the link.
    8. Username time run-in: not fixed.
    9. Bold: Fixed
    10. Italics: Fixed
    11. Code: Works
    12. Home Link: You can click the logo for now.
    13. Tag Link: Works. Upper Right of tags block.
    14. Login redirection: fixed.

    And nope, didn't think it was negative. Thanks for the feedback!

  25. Test post using Jackie's old account.

    edit: Yup, I see the edit link to the right of the timestamp.

    Sorry about that,

    reedit: Sorry about the shouting. It was just very frustrating pulling up the same thread about 20 times...

  26. DrMike,

    Since you're using a laptop, you can zoom the pages by pressing [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [=/+]. That should work .

  27. Yup, that works. Thanks.

    What's strange was I couldn't find that anywhere online. Went searching for this this morning as well as looking for a method to do a screen capture.

  28. @ mdawaffe
    I'm really embarrassed to say that I have looked an looked and looked but I can't see an edit link on the upper right of the post. :(
    Is the fact drmike can see it and I can't because I'm using a firefox browser or just because I'm dull of wit? {she mused from under her rock }
    Is there any possibility of posting a screen shot of this illusive edit link? {she bravely asked while blushing profusely} Thanks, in advance, for suppressing your laughter when you answer me.
    This was was a hard to post post. :(

  29. I can now see an edit link right next to the time on the right hand side.
    Thank you - thank you - thank you ! {she dances and throws **kisses**}

    Edit: This thread is now marked "resolved".

  30. Is there any chance that we can get the timestamp for the post re-instated?

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