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Issues with the new forum format

  1. Top of the morning to ya, TT.

    You can also click on the 'Member' link next to your handle. That way you don't need to scroll back up to click on the link drmike mentioned (which I didn't see either). I always went to my profile page by clicking on the link I just told you about. :D

  2. I think what threw me off was this. I tried clicking on "member" under my large avatar at the top and it was not linked to my forum profile. Perhaps this was because I was the original poster in this thread.

    I'm not sure if this was an oversight or if it is intended. It's always helpful to be able to see the blog that a member is asking questions about when you are trying to help them (mature not-safe-for-work blogs are the exception of course).

    I would like to see that feature re-instated so "member" is linked to the forum profile of the original poster in a thread just as it is linked to "member" in the posts that follow the original one. I'm wondering: how do others feel about this?

  3. I agree with you. It'd be more user friendly that way.

  4. When you log into the forum, it redirects you to the main page of

  5. I repeat:
    I would like to see this feature re-instated so the word "member" under the username is linked to the forum profile of the original poster in a thread.

    Currently "member" is only linked to the profile in the posts that follow the original one.

    Please check what I mean out in this very thread. I am the original poster in this thread. My username is linked to my blog. The word "member" under my name is not linked to my forum profile.

  6. I think I mentioned that as well in here somewhere.

    It is an issue. I was going to make up a second list on Monday morning. I'm on limited time today as it's Sunday and for some strange reason people think that they should go home early. :)

  7. @drmike
    I'm glad you agree with my point and I apologize for not stating it clearly on the first go around. I used to always click the "member" under an original poster's name. This is because when I can see how long they've been here and actually lay eyes on their blog, I'm in a better position to gaugee where they are coming from and to give better answers to their questions.

    WOAH! It's only 11 AM here and your library staff want to go home at 3PM - must be nice (for them).

  8. Just noticed that we got our date and edit links back in IE7. :)

  9. Not in IE tho.

  10. IE6, I meant. I'm double posting like you would not believe today.

  11. Just for reference, I still do not see whois and edit links in the first post within a thread in IE6. I'm stuck with that browser when I'm at CPCC as that's what they use.

    edit: Timestamp is still missing within that first post as well.

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