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    My site is having terrible issue’s today with loading. It seems to be running very slow. Anyone else having problems?


    Open your post called “Grandparents Say Who Will Not Be Invited to FuneralPosted” then select everything in that post and then click the “remove formatting” button on the lower toolbar. The click on the “update” button to save the changes. There is some weird and wacky code in there that may be slowing things down. If the lower toolbar is not showing, click on the far right icon that looks like a rectangle with rows of dots. I don’t know if this will fix the issue, but the weird codes in that post should be removed anyway.

    In Firefox the status bar seems to be saying it is hanging on the stuff.

    Do keep in mind that wordpress.COM has obviously been pushing out some new code this weekend as evidenced by the non-normal problems we have been seeing here in the forums. As with any code push, there is bound to be some glitches as it propagates through and to all the wordpress servers.


    Thanks, I removed the format in it. I will not close this topic just incase I have more issues. :)


    What does this mean:

    In Firefox the status bar seems to be saying it is hanging on the stuff.


    I’ve had no issues with blogs loading until just a few minutes ago, but now it seems everything is loading slowly so again, I think it is possibly more code being pushed out by staff. Even the forum pages are loading slower than usual.


    When your page is loading, most everything loads slowly, but when it gets to the stuff, it hangs there for a while before finishing loading the page. It shows in the left hand end of the bottom browser window bar.

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