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It all started ...

  1. It was late December, back in '63, as I recall - what a lady, what a night.

    Then I bought my first real six-string. In the summer of '69.

    New Gold Dream - 81, 82, 83, 84.

    Can't remember much for a decade either side of that, though.

    Blue Monday: '88.

    Partying - 1999 (obviously). Red balloons (same year).

    Mi-ll-e-e-e-e-e-n-i-i-i-um. Then there was 2001, with my ol' mate Hal.

    Which brings us back to, (doh) Yesterday: all my troubles. Ruby Tuesday.

    And you know some day you're bound to leave her. In the Year of the Cat.

    Tomorrow can be a different day.

    So many happy memories. So much time forgotten, though. Unless you can fill it in, that is... (2525 and up counts as cheating).

  2. That's a double n in 'Millennium,' Robbie.

    And here's one you forgot:

    True Faith. 94. That was New Order, that was. Back then.

  3. You lost me after Frankie Valli till we got to the Beatles and Stones. Then you lost me again.

    Had you added the Bee Gees you could have had This is where I came in.

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