it is time to renew my domain registration….

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    We purchased a $99 bundle which should include domain registration. I had already registered via enom.

    I need to renew by Dec 17 and would like to transfer this process to happen via my WordPress bundle.

    Can you guide me on this?

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there George,

    So I see that your concern is about an upcoming registration renewal on December 17. Neither of the site’s WordPress products (mapping and value bundle) are due for renewal then. So I checked your domain, and see that you are referring to that. Since we didn’t register the domain for you, we can’t roll that price into the value bundle – you will still have to pay your third-party registrar to renew your domain.

    BUT what we can do is roll the domain mapping for $13 into the $99 value bundle. The first step in doing that is you would have to ask the owner of the value bundle (looks like Meg?) to agree and post her preference here. Then I can roll that over into the value bundle. When she pays her $99 renewal next year, it will include the domain mapping automatically!

    Just a reminder: even with this option, she will have to keep renewing the value bundle and you will have to continue to renew your domain with your third-party registrar.

    Does that make sense?


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