It says site already exists but it doesn't

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    I’m having some issues in creating a new wordpress blog. I created a new one earlier under another profile and after some issues I ended up deleting it and created an new account.

    I used the new account to try creating the blog again but now it says that the blog is taken. Will it take some time before I can use it.

    the blog domain I would like is

    The blog only been up for half an hour before I decided to delete it and make a new account with that domain name.

    Please let me know what are my options because I’d really would like to use that domain.




    Find another name – deleted names are never recycled – as per the many warning messages

    PS – you could have transferred the blog to another account


    I see… I can still get a .com though right? Anyway thanks for letting me know.



    yes that is another option – you can buy a custom domain name and map it to your blog here and your visitors will see the custom domain name (the site linked to my name is domain mapped with a custom domain name)


    Thanks Auxclass! But out of curiosity. May I ask why domain names aren’t recycled? I mean you would think that if they where then you would have more to choose from, I’m sure a lot of great names where deleted.



    The big reason that I can see but it would not apply in your case – lets say that you had a site – family pictures and news – sort of a family newspaper – then at some point you decided to delete the site – – then someone else “recycled” the blog name and put adult material on it – nude pictures or whatever – and some of your relatives kept the old bookmark but did not know about you deleting the site and then they clicked on your old site and thought you had put up an adult site

    Prevents someone from stealing your old online presence


    Oh that would be bad! That makes sense? Do you think they would make an expectation in my case? Probably not cause it wouldn’t be fair, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.



    I have seen all sorts of pleas in the forum to restore a domain name and can’t remember one that got the name back –

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