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It still never ceases to amaze me.....

  1. that ones blog can be read in so many countries around the globe. Today I had my first view in Australia. Just one, but I was thrilled that something I'd written in the UK had been seen by someone so many thousands of miles away.

  2. It's very powerful. I had a student who was living in a homeless shelter and it took literally a year of nagging before he started a blog. He made one post, then turned around and argued with me for five minutes about how nobody would ever see it, he couldn't compete with companies with SEOs and all, and I looked over his shoulder and saw he had two comments already. One from Germany, one from Australia. Both said, "Wow, I didn't know Vancouver had poetry like this, it's amazing" and they motivated him so much he blogged more and used his blog as a portfolio to get into a creative writing program at Simon Fraser University.

    People who leave comments don't necessarily know the impact they're having.

  3. Ooh, I've read, heard, seen that somewhere. In the video of your presentation perhaps? Which I thought was extremely interesting and informative. I could relate to so much in that as someone who has been very close to being homeless. If only I'd have had the mental capabilities at the time to reach out via the Internet things may have been so much better at the time. But we live and learn I guess, and better late than never.

  4. It would have been thrilling raincoaster to have a student like that raincoaster! I remember that story of yours.

    Jessie, it is a minor thrill to get readers from far flung places. I just wonder how people in Saudi Arabia respond to stuff of mine. Or people in tropical countries reading up on what we see in the mountains while snowshoeing. 'Course they can't imagine how cold it can be!

    I get a big kick occasionally getting a reader from Mongolia or twice from the North Pole in Alaska. :) My latest post has one of me with my mother in a Chinese traditional dress...a photo very deliberately embedded to explain my connection (to especially readers from Asia) to an ancestral country I've never visited, yet its influence has been on my lst language (which I've lost 80% fluency), all the food I've eaten as a child and know how to in Canada.

  5. In my art 'blog' and my blog before that I've had visitors from Poland, India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Russia, Germany, and a few other countries I can't recall... many of those left comments in my previous blog (Absurd Old Bird). It's great to see people from all over coming along. The world isn't really a bit place, it just seems like it! :)

    @Raincoaster "People who leave comments don't necessarily know the impact they're having" - very true. (Oh and I saw your presentation you were referring to, also very good.

  6. big place not bit place. Whoops, typo!

  7. Someone from Benin, Africa viewed my blog. I find it quite amazing. Even the poorest of countries...

  8. It really is a small world because I've gotten views from all over the place. Iceland, the Syrian Arab Republic, the United Republic of Tanzania, Trinidad and Tobago, Macedonia, Pakistan, the Republic of Korea, Egypt, Ecuador, Uganda and Honduras are just some of the places I've gotten views from. Of course, not everyone from these places leaves comments because it's mostly search engine traffic, but it's fascinating to see my world map fill up. I love the new feature!

  9. YAY! I just got a badge for my 20th + follower. A squeeeeeeee moment! :)

  10. Around the time I wrote my comment above about visceral delight of seeing reader from Mongolia.....someone from Mongolia DID visit my blog around the same time I posted my comment in this thread earlier.

    But I didn't know until I got out of these forums. Freaky, actually. Either the heavens were watching or they just read my comment here?? Doubtful for the latter.

  11. Where do you get that map feature?

  12. @kyllingsara
    it's on your stats page or you can get a widget here;

  13. Its awesome seeing views from all around the world. My most interested ones, are Bosnia and Estonia.

  14. @jessie
    Thank you. :)

  15. Crikey, this cluster map is soo cool. I've had views from Australia, Thessaloniki, Switzerland, Mexico, Turkey, UK and USA, Pakistan, ooh, I'm STILL amazed. Brilliant!

  16. thequietvoice18

    I agree with everyone who's posted in this thread. Receiving views from places like the Philippines or even the UK... astounding.

  17. That's probably my favorite thing about blogging. I have blog friends from all over. When we had our trouble last year, one of those wonderful people sent me a care package all the way from the Netherlands. She also sent me a postcard this summer, letting me know how things were going with her family. It was wonderful.

    No matter what's going on, I know I can depend on a few bloggers to leave me comments and let me know they care. (teamoyeniyi and dribblingpensioner, especially.) Love those guys.

    Blogging is a beautiful thing.

  18. @momfog. It certainly is. It's opened up a whole new world, quite literally, for me. This time last year I would never have dreamt of blogging. Even letting my family read anything I'd written made me nervous. Now, I love posting my stories and even more so when people comment and like them.
    It's certainly boosted my confidence. ;)

    YAY for blogging!

  19. I had someone from Vietnam today. I've had many hits from India. I've gotten hits from Brazil, Taiwan, and many others. It really is amazing that something I've written has reached people from around the world. It's a nice feeling.

  20. theinsanityaquarium

    Looking at my blog stats, I've had readers from all over the world. It is truly a humbling thought to know ideas can be shared the whole world over, and this really is such a nice thread :)

  21. Today most of my viewers came from Sweden but the US has just overtaken them. And I've had my first from Brazil and Israel and China. Wonderful. :)

  22. invisiblemikey

    Just passed my 81st country on the list. I agree, it's amazing. I had to look up Saint Kitts and Nevis because I hadn't heard of those places! The majority of countries where people have viewed mine are non-English speaking, though nearly all my subscribers are in countries where they would at least be bi-lingual. Perhaps it's the photo posts. They always do well.

  23. I agree with what everyone's been saying. It's amazing to see how far a blog can travel. I had my first view from the Russian Federation today, put a whole lotta orange on my map!

  24. I just got 3 views from Oman, a country I didn't even know existed until now.

  25. It's insane. Very uplifting feeling. I have gotten views from some countries I didn't know existed either. I didn't even know they spoke English! :D

  26. Cripes! I've just had a viewer from Abu Dhabi. Crumbs, I hope whoever it was read the disclaimer. I'm now probably a criminal. :)

  27. My 4th largest viewing country is Sweden. Always loved the Swedish...

    Most surprising country to view my blog was Sudan. Always loved the Sudanese...

  28. I dunno. I think I have a certain %, maybe as high as 50% readership who bump into my blogs because of google search terms.

    So I see the country affiliation as purely coincidental at times. Still, I wonder what someone in Abu Dubai thinks of my blog post about snowshoeing in the Canadian Rockies and eating bison-reuben sandwiches (delicious).

    Probably same reaction as me reading about what camels are really like ..from a blog post in Mongolia.

    I am also acutely aware that in some countries that women are not encouraged to bicycle much or even at all. (My blogs do have a central unifying theme of cycling.) So I prefer not to concentrate on competitive cycling (which doesn't interest me much anyway) but what cycling allows me to see and do along the way.

  29. Not much at marketing so most of my traffic comes from search engines -

    Since WordPress started the new stats map I have had visitors from 87 countries - when I moved my site onto WordPress.COM something like 18 months ago Flag Counter tells me I have had visitors from 142 different countries - this also includes a visitor from the smallest territory in Canada that only has something like 30,000 people in it -

    I do look at the cities from time to time and find it amazing every-time -

  30. I've just had my first viewers from Vietnam and Bahrain. Wonderful!

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