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italic <em> makes text bold and red instead

  1. each time i italicise something, it will appear bold and red in the published post instead.

    i have to manually change the tag to <i> in order for it to italicise properly. however, if i make any change to any part of the post and save, the <i> tags will revert back to tags, resulting in the bold and red problem again.

    how do i resolve this?

  2. sounds like you're using the fjords theme, which has coded italics to look the way you have described. this is a theme-dependent feature that you can't change. if you purchase the cs upgrade however you might be able to then. alternatively, why not bold the text you want to italicise and vice versa italicise the text you want to bold? that way, the "bold" (italics) looks bold and the italics (bold) won't overpower the bold.

  3. Maybe there are tags that aren't closed, that could cause this. I just ran the blog through the validator.

    Here is a link for the validator -

  4. fyi- the above post is coming through in italics - I did not do that. there is an issue with fonts.

  5. forget my earlier suggestion. the wordpress editor uses the [em] tag for italics rather than the [i] tag, so i think it automatically stripped your code and replaced it. i don't know if there's a solution other than to not re-edit your post. this is a problem that will go away in future when you make a theme change...

    i sometimes have problems with paragraph formatting where it strips my spacing. after re-editing a few times it usually sticks; perhaps try doing that?

  6. </i>

    hope that would end all the italicising going on here. sorry for italicising everybody's replies! lol.

    i suspected the same as sulz mentioned, but hoped i'd be wrong. :)

    i like most of the fjords theme. i'll probably just make sure to replace all the tags with <i> tags each time i edit a post.

    if only we could define in the wordpress editor to use em or i for italics..

    thanks all!

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