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Italic to Normal

  1. If a Widget heading is italicized (as is the case with 1.2 Cutline), how do I change the font to normal? I've shelled out the $15.00 for the CSS upgrade, but can't seem to make this one simple adjustment.


  2. If you "view source" of your page from your browser menu and then search for the title that italicized in that source, it will tell you what is defining that particular title. The reason I can't figure it out off the top of my head is that Cutline title are normal and all upper-case for me. Do you have an example page and what you want changed?


  3. Agree with Trent. I've used Cutline as well and the widgets are normal. Can we please have a link to see what is occuring.

  4. Here is the link...
    When I first chose Cutline, the widget headings were normal. The next time I went in to eidt it, they were italicized. So, I must have done something without knowing it.

  5. You used an italics tag at "Archie says ... " and probably forgot to close the tag </em>

  6. Need to close the tage here:

    <em><strong>Archie Says…</strong><em>

    with a </em>

    [edit: i guess i am the slow typer :) ]

  7. Thanks all! Just getting my feet wet at this (if you couldn't tell).

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