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    Today when I wrote a new post, I italicized about six words of the entire post. But when I previewed the post, every word of it was in italics in the preview window. I went back to writing window and made sure that italics was not activated, except for the few words I wished in italics. Every time I preview it, it’s all italics.

    I’ve done about 80 posts, and never had this problem before. Maybe I’m just making a silly mistake that I can’t recognize. Anybody familiar with this issue?


    The blog I need help with is



    You have an open italics tag in the copied and pasted text. You need to edit the post to locate in the Text (HTML) editor and insert a tag to close the open tag.

    for every <em>
    there must be a

    See here for sorting this out >


    Thanks so much, Timethief. You put me on the right track and I was able to fix the problem.



    Hooray! That’s such good news. Happy blogging. :)

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