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    Suddenly three days ago (after months of no problems at all) I can’t italicize anything. I write a post, then when I preview it, the italics are gone. I add them again, they disappear again in preview. If I go straight from the post to “publish,” the same thing happens. I haven’t added any new plug-ins or changed anything that might have caused this problem to arise.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is



    are you using the Visual editor or the HTML editor? When you look at the posts in the HTML editor, are the < i > tags still there?


    I have the very same problem (the same holds for bold).


    It’s a little oddly intermittent…happens on editing. I’ve gone in and updated all the ital/bold at once, then saved or published and then it’s fine. But as soon as there is another edit…


    I’ve been having this problem for a few days.
    As above, I’m in the Visual Editor I bold some text, when I save the bold is lost.

    While still in Visual Editor, when I highlight and press on bold, sometimes it does go bold in Edit mode, sometimes it doesn’t. However the final post is consistent – no BOLD.

    I was able to copy/paste something from another post into my new post and that held the BOLD (it was a heading 2 text).



    Lots of people have reported this over the past couple of days. Be sure and report it to staff, with direct links to the posts in question:


    Thank you Raincoaster, I will do this.


    Hello all,
    Support (see Raincoaster url above) is helping me with this.
    In my case, at the suggestion of Support, I have switched from Google Chrome to Mozilla Firefox and I’ve been able to “bold” my text.
    Not a fix – but it will help for now!
    Thanks Raincoaster.


    Aha, interesting, as I also use Google Chrome! The strange thing is that this problem appeared just half a week or so ago and that evertything worked fine in Google Chrome prior to that,



    Same problem for me using Safari on a Mac. Rather frustratingly, I was in the middle of writing a huge post with loads of bold and italic in it … all was working fine for several hours, and then one time I saved it it dumped the lot!

    Thanks for the tip about using Firefox instead … not ideal, but it’s useful to know that it works. Hopefully they will get it sorted out soon.

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