Items r sorted chronologically on "Page" & sub-items of "Menu" but not on bl

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    I place synopses of individual postings on the appropriate pages in reverse chronological order. The pages become a look backwards Table of contents. I also use Appearances > Menus to place the postings under the correct heading so a person can see the several most recent postings under any heading. All was working properly until tonight. Now, One of the pages is all out of order even though They are properly ordered when I go to Edit the page as well as under Appearance > Menu they are all placed in proper order. What’s happening here?

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there, would you mind providing a link to the page where things are out of order, so I can investigate? Thanks for your help.



    I hit the reply button and there is my question and your request without a place for me to reply. It took a few minutes to see I had to sign in.

    For us neophytes , please include instructions in your template stating:

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    Hi there, is this an example of a post that’s appearing out of order?

    While the date says “11-19-07” in the post title, the actual publication date says Jul 21, 2013, as you can see in this screenshot:

    Edit Post ‹ Drakes Bay Oyster Company & the National Park Service. Watch the video, _THE FRAMING OF AN OYSTER FARM_ at http___vimeo.com_52331881 — WordPress.png

    If you click the Edit link, you can adjust that date to the original 2007 publication date if you like. Click OK when you’re done, then click the turquoise Update button on the post.

    You can repeat this for any other posts appearing out of order.



    I date all my postings according to the date they were originally posted in newspapers, TV, Radio, Court, etc. I then post them to a page to the page to which they apply.

    As I mentioned before, when I go to edit the page all is in correct reverse chronological order. When I go to the Appearance > Menus page, they all appear correct reverse chronological order. When I go to my blog, they only appear in the date order in which they were posted.

    I sometimes come across information from last year or as far back as the 1960’s that needs to be posted. It should be in the correct place. I have attorneys looking at this blog as well as Congressional Committee Members using this blog as a reference tool. It is necessary to present the information in a consistent order.

    One of the pages with the problem is

    This is the order in which the videos should appear You will see the Month, Day, Year below in which the postings on the page mentioned above should appear:

    7 9 2013
    5 21 2013
    5 14 2013
    5 14 2013
    4 8 2013
    3 28 2013
    3 21 2013
    3 18 2013
    3 18 2013
    2 28 2013
    2 22 2013
    1 5 2013
    1 3 2013

    12 17 2012
    12 13 2012
    12 13 2012
    12 1 2012
    11 15 2013
    11 8 2012
    10 30 2012
    7 10 2012
    3 28 2012

    11 19 2007
    10 30 2011
    10 30 2011
    10 18 2010
    10 16 2011
    2 4 2010
    1 9 2010



    I should be able to rearrange the postings to a page in the order in which I want them to appear, not the date in which I added them to my blog.

    I was able to do this until recently.

    Something changed and now the blog display order on a page is only according to the date in which I added something to a page not the order in which I have designated under Appearance > Menu.



    Changing it changed the order in which it was displayed.

    I have 285 postings (I think that is right)

    Is there an easy way to bring up each posting so I can edit the posting date? Perhaps a way not to display all the tags when I click All Postings?

    This is maddening and the fact that it did not happen before means an awful lot of busy work that will take me the better part of today and maybe tomorrow too!



    There isn’t a way to bulk-edit publication dates, I’m afraid. Category pages like this one always display posts in reverse chronological order, throughout I double-checked the theme you’re using and there have been no related recent changes to the theme, so I’m not sure how you were able to control the order previously. Hopefully the updates won’t take you too long!



    How is it that it displays correctly under Appearance Menu?

    What is the point of the option for sub-categories and placement of sub-categories in whatever order you please if it is now meaningless?



    How is it that it displays correctly under Appearance Menu?

    When you create a custom menu like the one you created here you can manually arrange the order of pages within the menu by dragging and dropping individual items. Pages and posts in a custom menu can be displayed in whatever order you like.

    On the other hand, category and archive pages are automatically generated by the system, with the order of posts displayed based on post publication date.

    The order of posts within a category page is not related in any way to how things are displayed in a custom menu.

    I hope this helps explain things a bit further.



    Regarding your last response, I do not know what you are talking about.

    What do you mean Category and archive pages?

    I have a Page titled Vides, Slides & News Links.

    I insert pieces on that page which are excerpts from Postings (Date, Title, and a blurb with notations referencing linking to the full posting using the URL for the actual post).

    Sometimes, I find a piece to Post older than those already posted. I insert it on the Page where it belongs chronologically, and it is here is where it goes wrong. No matter where on the Page I insert new information, the new information goes to the top of the Page only to be superseded by the next thing I attempt to place somewhere else on the Page.

    This does not occur outside of WordPress.
    This does not occur on the Appearance > Menu list
    This does not even appear when I attempt to Edit the Page for the Edit Page itself shows everything in the order in which I placed it.
    It only shows up in incorrect order when a person goes to view the Page. How is this happening? How can it display correctly everywhere BUT on the blog itself? This makes no logical sense and creates an illogical display of information.

    From a programmer’s standpoint, it is not elegant.



    This is an example of a category page:

    The word “category” in the path means that this is a “category” page consisting of posts which you’ve assigned to the category called Video, Slides & News Links. Category pages like this one display posts in reverse chronological order, with the newest posts at the top.



    Now, when I try to place the following:

    To watch the video: “The Framing of an Oyster Farm”, click the link or copy and paste it into your web browser:

    at the top of each Page, as I have done on all of the Pages and has mysteriously disappeared along with the cartoon or image, I cannot!

    It automatically appears in 2011.

    Now this did NOT happen before. For some reason, when click on a page on the blog, certain pages are minus the image and the wording with the link.

    Someone has gone and changed something during one of the updates and needs to put things back the way they were! Pages are now missing information that was placed there months and years ago. This blog has been up and running since 2011 and these problems are new this year.



    It automatically appears in 2011.

    Would you mind providing a link to one of the pages you’re referring to with the link and the cartoon, so I can have a look? Thanks.



    Since I cannot attach a screen shot as a document nor can I paste it into this response, I am providing links.

    This is from the Edit Page view and how the page should look and has looked since its creation.

    Here is how the page looks currently when someone gets to my blog:

    EVERY page should have the wording and the link to the video titled The Framing of an Oyster Farm and EVERY page had an image or a cartoon. Some now have neither.
    1. Where did they go?
    2. Why did they go?
    3. How can I get them back?
    4. How can I get them to display at the top of the PAGE on which I want them to be displayed?



    I have to leave the office now and will not be back until late tonight so any additional questions or answers you have will not be answered until then.

    Thank you for looking into this for me. :)



    Thank you for that link, it’s helpful.

    The page with the image, which has many posts you’ve manually copy-pasted in your preferred order, still exists here:

    What you’ve linked from your menu instead is this category page, which is an automatically generated compilation of your posts:

    You can change it so that your manually created page (with the image) is what shows in your menu instead, by heading to Appearance > Menus, and clicking on your Main Menu.

    You have a single category link in your menu, here:

    Menus ‹ Drakes Bay Oyster Company & the National Park Service. Watch the video, _THE FRAMING OF AN OYSTER FARM_ at http___vimeo.com_52331881 — WordPress.png

    I’ve circled the word Category so you can see what type of menu item it is.

    You can add your page called “Video, Slides & News links”, move it into position, and then remove this old category link.

    If you need further help with this, just let me know.



    How did that happen?
    I have fixed it but need to be sure this never happens again.



    Hi there,

    It’s possible that the wrong page was added to your custom menu (under Appearance > Menus) the last time the menu was updated. However, as long as the correct page is in the custom menu, you should be fine. :) If you run into problems with this again, please let us know.



    You were so helpful the last time! Perhaps you can tell me how to get the dot mp3 file uploaded and working. I have followed the directions but the link that appears doesn’t work and it has a different name, one that includes [, and https://, and other stuff that nothing I have ever uploaded has.

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