Itheme menues does not work in IE 7

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    Hi, still waiting for a reply here. I made this using Chrome and looked great, bur many of our guests still IE Im,afraid…

    The blog I need help with is



    I’m sorry to say the IE7 is an outdated browser version. The latest version is IE9.



    Hi timethief and thanks. I know it´s outdated, but there are still som IE7 users out there. (about 16% when I last checked) So, no solution? Does this apply to all your themes?



    In my experience some themes work better than others with old browsers. At work we have IE6 sill and 2010 looks OK with that. I should emphasize that this doesn’t mean that the browser is officially supported with that theme in any way, it just happens to work


    This thread has been tagged to be moved to the themes forum and hopefully the theme team will see it and look into it shortly.

    The following is just FYI.

    IE6 support was dropped by WordPress with version 3.2, and IE7 will probably be dropped in the not to distant future. Right now IE7 is down to just barely over 4% market share worldwide and just over 4.75% in the US.

    I’ve quit worrying about IE7 compatibility on website design and only worry about it if the client wants it.

    Now if only IE8 would drop down under 5% I would start ignoring it as well, but alas it is still up over 23%.



    OK, I have given up and switched to twenty ten wich seems to work in IE7 as well.



    As of September 2011, we dropped support for Internet Explorer 7. This means that our newer themes — including iTheme2 — have been tested for compatibility with Internet Explorer 8 and higher.


    As of September 2011, we dropped support for Internet Explorer 7.

    Thanks for that information @michiecat.



    Thanks x 2 @michiecat.



    Thanks, would it be an idea to give this info at the iTheme2 page? I wasted a great deal of time before I tested it in IE7…

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