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iTheme (new theme)

  1. flagranny2...

    You might want to start a new thread to get member input on that theme. And you'll definitely need to send a feedback to staff with the request. Make sure to include the link and reasons why you like it.

  2. Beautiful theme!

  3. itheme is such a beautiful theme, hope wp staff can add them up ^_^

  4. @ nrepair
    @ konnichiwaa

    The process is to send in a feedback to staff listing the reasons you want this particular theme. From there staff will look over the requests, make the decisions and respond to the requests as indicated by the decisions made.

  5. Itheme demo are

    This theme are a beautiful.

  6. Please don't post exactly the same comment to multiple threads. It only wastes time for the forum goers.

  7. You know, having downloaded the theme and looked at it, I think it is probably too complicated for them to get it working with the setup we have here. Remember we're not running wordpress here, we're on wordpress mu, and some themes just aren't compatible with the mu software (or would require so many features to be taken out that you'd lose the things you liked about it in the first place).

  8. @dcafe
    I'm confused as to why you would double post to two separate threads saying the same thing. I hope you clearly understand that staff have set up a process. That process is to send them a link to the theme you want to see adapted for, accompanied by your reasons for requesting it.

    Many other bloggers have also requested themes far in advance of these threads even being posted. Surely you don't think that their requests should treated with any less respect than your own, do you?

    Duplicate post reference:

  9. bikefridaywalter

    how about the retro macos theme? sure would be nice to have something mac friendlyish.

  10. How about reading the rest of the thread and suggesting it to staff as has been suggested nuermous times?

    Oh, and for the record I think that theme is probably one of the worst I've seen. There is somewhere on the forum a thread about "lookability". Many have said that if the page is "unlookable" (I'm paraphrasing) then they don't stick around. That for me is one of these themes.

  11. Heh... bad flashbacks to my experiences with Macs in grad school....

  12. This thread may also be of interest

  13. I kind of like that retro theme (at least it's original and not yet another borgified web 2.0 job in blue, green and grey) but it's pretty, um, specialist. Surely anyone geeky enough to want it is geeky enough to set up their own wordpress install?

    If you're that desperate for the Mac look you could always buy the CSS upgrade and install X-blog </self-plug> Except obviously that's going to cost you money, and if you've got a spare $15 you might as well put it towards hosting ;)

  14. Would love to have this one as my theme for my new blog...

  15. @prankemeror
    that's nice ... and having read the whole thread including wank's posts in it means you know how to make that request to staff, right?

  16. Addendum: Other itheme requests can be found in the forum searchbox

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