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iTheme post carousel on static page

  1. I've set up the post carousel on the new iTheme 2 theme.
    It looks great but I would prefer to have it on my "static home page" so people see it when they come to my site, rather than being on the page with my posts.
    Is there anyway to move it?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Have also just set up my page with iTheme 2 and like the look of it, however, am not sure I've got the sticky post set up correctly as the Carousel feature is not working at all. There is only one image in the carousel so far. This was one of the reasons to try this theme out.... Anyone out there having similar issues - or know if there is another setting to click on after the post is set for "public" with "sticky"??
    Many thanks!

  3. @pekepenguin: Please link to your blog when asking questions - or make your username link to your blog.

    @kasuncion: Sticky posts will show in the carousel instead of the main column only if you set a featured image to them.

  4. @panaghiotisadam
    Thanks for the reply.
    Sorry, here is the link
    The post carousel can be found on the page titled "full story" in the menu bar.

  5. A post is not a static page and only posts can be made into sticky posts.

    All you have to do to activate is have a sticky post with a featured image. Once you have one, the featured post area will appear. If you have more than 5, navigation arrows will appear on the left and right. Your visitors can then click through to see all the posts you’ve featured.

  6. @timethief
    Hi, I'm fine with the post/sticky post vs static page thing. I have the carousel set up fine. (on my posts page)
    What I was hoping to be able to do is just move the carousel itself to top of the static page.

  7. We cannot edit templates or themes on free hosted blogs. CSS editing via the custom design upgrade can be used only to change appearance. It cannot be used to change functionality. See "Does the Custom Design upgrade let me edit HTML?" here >

  8. Have utterly messed up my pages trying to work out the featured photo bit. Really frustrating. Have been trying to create a featured photo from a post that was already published and after going round and round and round for hours here....thought I had it figured out...only to have added a photo (wrong one) as a header to the post. Am now totally mystified. Cannot figure out the logic to it at all..... Don't suppose there is such a thing as drag and drop? I know this is supposed to be easier to grasp than html, but am still struggling in a major way......

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