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iTheme2 and sidebars?

  1. Is it possible to have an article's featured picture both on the carousel and the article itself on the front page? So far, the carousel is working very well, but articles (or really, their featured pics) are ONLY on the carousel, but not below on the frontpage.

  2. the font seems to revert to TimesNewRoman which isn't too hot.

    If a reader does not have a specific font installed on his / her computer, the browser will determine which font is displayed. There are a very limited number of fonts (in English/Western languages) which are common for most operating systems/computers/browsers.


    I'm having exactly the same problem, so my question is: what font does iTheme2 uses? So that i can install it on my computer.

    And what can I do, so that most of the people who visit my blog, don't see it with Times New Roman, but with the font that iTheme2 uses?

  3. You don't have to do anything for your reders: iTheme2 uses Lucida Grande and Arial, two fonts installed in practically every computer. As for you, you need to check your browser preferences and make sure the browser isn't set to display fonts other than the origainal ones of the webapges you visist.

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