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    I have a question about iTheme2. I’m using the featured posts sections and I have successfully understood the sticky posts and featured images part. I’ve created a test post and it appears in the featured posts section, but now it doesn’t appear like a new post in the main page.

    Anyone knows how a post that appears in the featured posts section can also appear in the main page?

    Thank you!



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    Do these help?
    Here’s the theme introduction notes >
    Here’s the live demo site >

    I don’t think that sticky posts will show up on the main page since they already show up in the slider at the top.


    Yeah, this is the conclusion I got to. I think it’s a fail because featured posts should be like a showcase for what you can find down it.

    Anyway, thanks for your reply.



    I’m sorry it wasn’t the answer you wanted to hear. You’re welcome.



    I am having the same issue.

    I would like my post to show up in the main page, as well as the sticky post in the slider and I know it is possible based on this link:

    Any suggestions?



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