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Itheme2 - IE9 - Format disaster.

  1. I just checked my blog in IE9, and its a formatting nightmare !! It's been fine in Chrome, FF, and IE.

    Checked it today, and there is no menu bar, no rounding, and all the text is italic in IE9 !!

    I didnt make any changes, Help !

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hello there, We Volunteers answering support questions cannot help with browser compatibility issues. If you have cleared your browser cache and cookies and still see problems with IE9 you will need to report this to Staff so I'm flagging this thread and having it moved to the Themes Forum. There Staff will assist you.

  3. It's already in the themes forum and I did contact them.

    I posted it here and to see if maybe others were having this problem.

  4. I realized that right after I clicked "submit".

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