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    I just switched to itheme2. For some reason, the theme won’t display correctly on iphone. I tried it with two different browsers–the stock safari & the atomic browser–no luck with either one. I’m forced to turn on the mobile theme option, which I don’t like.

    I customized a few things to the theme: custom header image, custom background image & a font from typekit, very basic stuff. I’m not using custom CSS. Am I doing something wrong here? I tried looking for the same topic on the forum, but no luck. If this doesn’t work I’ll probably switch back to my old theme. Meanwhile, any help is appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is


    Also, when I’m trying to use a youtube video that starts at a specific time by putting the video’s url directly into the post, the theme will not display the video. When I put in the url via the “add video” button, the theme play it from the beginning of the video. With the previous theme I was using, it worked fine. Not sure what is going on.



    I’m also a bit disappointed that the blurb on the promotion page for itheme2 says ‘looks great on iPhones and iPads. It looks terrible and causes Safari to crash on my iPhone, forcing me to use the mobile version which is grey and featureless.


    Agreed. BTW, I’m on iOS 5. Not sure if that makes any difference.



    Hurray! Looks like they’ve fixed the iPhone problem – mine is displaying ok. The background image is still all wrong, but at least the Full Version is readable.


    @cookie, can we get a link to your site?


    @markjwallis, you have too many images on your main page for me to even take a look on my iPhone.



    Is that bad? It’s supposed to be a design/photography blog. Would hiding stuff behind ‘more’ tags help things to load faster?


    @mark: thanks for the info!

    @tsp: it’s i switched back to my previous theme when i couldn’t get itheme2 to work. i’ll try again tonight or tomorrow & see what happens.


    @mark, just set your site to perhaps show only 3 or 5 posts on the pages at settings > reading and also keep file size in mind when uploading your images. Typically I recommend that images not be over 100k, and not over 75k is even better. Most on smartphones have a limit on the bandwidth they can use per month, and I even have a limit on my home computer since I’m using a wireless ISP.


    The iTheme has a built in mobile theme so it isn’t going to look like what you see on a normal computer.

    There does seem to be a missing image at the top of the site below the title/tagline when viewed on an iPhone (probably all mobile/touch devices actually).



    Good luck, cookie! Thanks for the advice, thesacredpath – I’ll have a go at smaller file sizes.


    @tsp: yeah i know. i’ll test it on my phone. :D

    @mark: thanks. i hope it works this time.


    Down at the bottom of each page on your site is a link you can tap that will switch to the full theme, and when viewing the full theme you can always switch back to the mobile theme.


    tried and failed. still can’t get the typekit to work with my blog title within ithemes2, so i’m switching back to clean home. no one should have to struggle with a theme this hard; not worth it.

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