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iTheme2 not working as promoted

  1. Have just tried to initiate my blog. The theme (iTheme2) is supposed to offer a marquee gallery above the main text area. The scrolling gallery does not appear to be available. Additionally there does not seem to be user friendly directions on how to set it up.

    Can anyone help.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I searched the Themes Showcase for you:

    Featured Posts in iTheme2
    iTheme2 also has lets you feature any post you like in it’s featured post section on the home page. All you have to do to activate is have a sticky post with a featured image. Once you have one, the featured post area will appear. If you have more than 5, navigation arrows will appear on the left and right. Your visitors can then click through to see all the posts you’ve featured.

  3. Also note that when so we can examine it. The blog linked to your username is not wearing the iTheme2 i9t's wearing Rubric.

  4. oops! I had a problem there. Let me state that again.

    Also note that when you post to these forums we require an active link starting with http:// to the blog in question so we can examine it. The blog linked to your username is not wearing the iTheme2 it's wearing Rubric.

  5. Hi
    thank you for such a speedy reply.

    We must have a problem then. Here is what I see in my dashboard

    (I tried to paste a screen shot here but it would not stick)
    My dashboard clearly states that my current theme is iTheme2

    My blog address is:

    Can we try again? I am not sure where Rubric came from.



  6. The blog linked to your username is not wearing the iTheme2 it's wearing Rubric.

  7. Now that we have the correct link I note that it's a private blog.

    Have you tried following the instructions at the links I posted above?

  8. Thank you again,
    I will be reviewing that link. Sorry for any inconvenience. Trying to get comfortable with all the menus, dashboard etc.

    You have been great and very responsive...Wow! You can't be North American :)

  9. Hi again,
    I believe that if you follow those instructions your will be successful.
    P.S. I'm a Canadian :)

  10. Wonderful....
    I live north of Toronto
    Thanks again!

  11. I live in the Gulf Islands :)

  12. Oh ya... make me drool with envy.... I have lots of family on the coast, and what I have seen of the Gulf Islands has been spectacular... best wishes...

  13. Happy blogging! :)

  14. Hello timethief

    It's me again!

    Has the West settled down from its Grey Cup victory?

    I am trying to change the text header. For example, replace "My Blog" etc with my own header which will be the new blog name.

    I could try and create a custom header using an image: But with these problems:
    1. Could not create header with transparent background, and
    2. The header ended up begin huge and displayed 1/3 of the way down the screen.

    I would rather keep it simple and have the header in the same area as the current default "My Blog" etc. Cannot find the functionality to change the text. I see where you can eliminate the default, but nowhere do I see how to replace it with text.

    Can you assist?



  15. To change the blog title and tagline, you go to Settings > General.

    To create a header image you need to use an image editing application such as Photoshop. The image has to be in the exact dimensions specified by the theme (for iTheme2, 978×288 pixels). For a transparent bg, the file must be a PNG.

  16. Thank you for the swift reply. This is very helpful

  17. Hello again!
    Best of the season to you and all the best in 2012.

    Today's question is about privacy and control settings.

    Is there a method in which you can allow public access to your home page and all current posts displayed on that page...yet, create a password key for the categories/archives. This would allow a certain level of current public viewing but maintain the privacy that we are looking for as part of our community. Of course, once a person is a member they would have the "key" or "password" to the archives.

    What say you?


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